Here you will find the Lush Christmas items, please click on a highlighted product to read review.


Bath Bombs and Melts: Butterbear, Father Christmas, Golden Wonder, Luxury Lush Pud, Mistletoe, Never Mind The Ballistics, Northern Lights, Satsuma (oxford street and gift set exclusive), Shoot For The Stars (new design), Snow Angel Bath MeltSo White (new design), Snow melt (Oxford Street Exclusive)Stardust

Bubble Bars: Candy Mountain, The Christmas Penguin, Jester (Reusable), The Magic of Christmas (Reusable), Magic Wand (Reusable), Peeping Santa, Santasaurus (Reusable), Snowie, Ruby Red Slippers

Soaps: Baked Alaska, Igloo, Reindeer Rock (new design), Santa’s Postbox, Shooting Stars, Snowcastle (new design)

Shower Gel, Jelly and Wash Sheets: Bubbly Shower Gel, Papa Noel Face Jelly, Ponche Shower gel (Oxford Street Exclusive), Rose Jam Shower Gel, Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Snowman Shower Jelly , Twilight Shower Gel (Oxford Street Exclusive). 

FUN: Elf , Reindeer and Robin , Santa, Snow Fairy

Other: Candy Cane (Roulade), Christingle (Body Conditioner), Fairy Dust (Dusting Powder), Mr Sandman (Dusting Powder), Salt and Peppermint Bark (Body Scrub), Santa Baby (Lip Scrub), Santa Baby (Lip Tint), Sleepy (Body Lotion), Snow Fairy (Body Conditioner), Sugar Plum Fairy (Lib Scrub), Sugar Plum Fairy (Lip Tint), Yog Nog (Roulade).


Bath Bombs and Melts: – Butterbear,  Dashing Santa,  Cinders,  Father Christmas,  Golden Wonders,  Luxury Lush Pud, Shoot for the Stars,  Snow Angel,   Snow Melt,  So White,   Star Dust,   Yog Nog      

 Bubble Bars:    – Bar Humbug, Candy Mountain,  Five gold rings,   Holly Golightly, Magic Wand,   The Magic of Christmas,  Peeping Santa

 Soaps:  – Baked Alaska,  Old Father Time,   Reindeer Rock,  Snowcake,   Yog Nog  

Shower Gels, Jelly and wash sheets:  – letter to Santa wash sheet, Rose Jam shower gel,   Santas Belly shower jelly,  Snow Fairy shower gel , Snowman shower jelly  

 Fun:  – GoldMagic of Christmas,  Santa,   Snakes and Ladders,  Snowman

Other:  – Buche De Noel (facial cleanser), Celebrate (body lotion),  Cranberry Festive (face mask),   Christingle (body conditioner),  Fairy Dust (dusting powder), First Snow (Dusting Powder),  Icing on the Cake (roulade),  Salt and Peppermint Bark( body scrub),  Santa Baby Lip Scrub,   Santa Baby Lip Tint                                                                      

CHRISTMAS 2014        

Bath Bombs and Bath Melts: Butterbear, Cinders, Dashing Santa, Father Christmas, Golden Wonder, Luxury Lush Pud, Melting Snowman Bath Melt, Shoot For the Stars, Snow Angel Bath Melt, Snowman, So White , Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt, The Christmas hedgehog              

Bubble Bars: Candy Mountain, Christmas Eve, The Christmas Penguin, Drummers Drumming, Holly Go Lightly, Magic Wand 

Shower Gels and Jellies: Hot Toddy, Rose Jam, Snow Fairy, Snowman Jelly, So White

Soap: Baked Alaska, Reindeer Rock, Snowcake, Yog Nog

FUN: Gold, Snowman

Other: Buche De Noel (cleanser), Celebrate (body lotion), First Snow (dusting powder), Santa Baby Lip Tint, Santa Baby Lip Scrub, Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar