Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt (New Design) – Lush Review

Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have this wish I wish tonight.

Star Light Star Bright was one of my favourite every products when it was first released way back, after not making an appearance for a couple of years I was very excited to find that it was back as part of the 2017 Christmas range, but this year it has had a little bit of a revamp and isn’t quite the same as it’s older version.

The star light star bright bath melt is quite possible one of the sparkliest products that Lush have ever created. It is completely covered in silver lustre that seems to get everywhere. From the moment you pick one up you seem to get covered in silver, so if you not a fan of glitter be warned if you use this product you are going to end up resembling a disco ball.

I found the scent of this bath melt to be a lot weaker than it’s older self, however when placed into warm water the scent did get a little stronger. Containing ginger oil, lavender oil and lime oil the scent of the Star Light Star Bright bath melt is beautiful, it is a lovely warming and relaxing scent but defiantly not overpowering like some ginger products.

Now this is where the main changes in design to this product come in. Originally the Star Light Star Bright was a pure bath melt, this year it is a bath melt/bath bomb hybrid. Once popped int the water the outer bath melt section slowly melts dispersing a huge amount of silver lustre and a concoction of butters and oils into the water.

Once this outer shell has melted it reaches its bath bomb centre which slowly fizzes away creating a stream of bright blue and pink in its wake. This bath melt is defiantly a lot prettier in the water now and once fully dissolved it turned the water a beautiful shade of purple.

In the original bath melt I use to find it very oily and would have to cut the melt up and use it over several occasions. The newer version is a lot calmer on the oils, although there is still a fair amount and you should be very careful on exiting the tub as it can become extremely slippy.

Overall I really love the Star Light Star Bright bath melt, the original was always one of my favourite products but I love the new design even more. I think the inclusion of a bath bomb is brilliant as it looks gorgeous in the water and I found the scent very relaxing g.I still found this bath melt to be very nourishing and moisturising without ending up carved a in a coating of butter which is a great improvement.

To watch my video about the 2017 Christmas range click here.

SCENT: 4/5




PRICE: £4.25 (2017 price)

INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, murumuru butter, laureth 4, perfume, ginger oil, lavender oil, lime oil, cream of tartar, water, almond oil, titanium dioxide, sodium Laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, synthetic fluorphlogopite, tin oxide, citral, limonene , linalool, colour 15510, colour 45410, colour 42053, colour 17200, colour 42090

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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