Snow Fairy Amazeball

Christmas time at Lush is always so magical! I first fell in love with lush many years ago at Christmas time so all of the incredible scents always bring back just wonderful memories for me. One product that I remember trying and being obsessed with was the Snow Fairy shower gel! Since that moment I have just adored anything that shares that scent.

This Christmas I was very happy to not only see the return of my much loved Snow Fairy shower gel but also to see the inclusion of some brand new Snow Fairy scented products. One such product being the Snow Fairy Amazeball.

Amazeballs are a new invention from lush this year and something I was very excited to get my hands on. The amazeball is slightly larger in size than the average bath bomb. Although for whooping £8.50 price tag that is something I think most people would be hoping for. The concept of the Amazeball is a little different to your avaerage bath bomb. The design includes a hollowed out bath bomb filled with a whole host of wonderful items (depending on what Amazeball you pick up) and then stoppered shut with a removeable bath bomb lid. When you are running you bath all you have to do it remove the lid and shake the contents into your water, you can then pop the bath bomb and lid in just like your normally would.

Out of the four brand new Amazeballs released this Christmas I found my self gravitating towards the snow fairy one first for no other reason than it’s scent. The Snow Fairy scent is a wonderful sickly sweet gooey bubblegum aroma. I have a huge sweet tooth so this is probably why I am such a fan of this scent. Containing synthetic musk and Persian lime from reading just the Ingriedients list you probably wouldn’t be expecting the sugary sweet scent. But if you a fan of anything sweet and sugary I think you will be with me on saying the its a fantastic scent.

I made the mistake of sprinkling The mystical dust that fills the snow fairy Amazeball into my bath once I had finished filling it. Due to this I didn’t seem to get any bubbles or foaming action like I was told would happen. I do think I possibly would have seen more going on if I had left my tap running. Also compared to some of the other amazeballs I picked up the contents inside did seem a little lacking!!! What I did love was the inclusion of popping candy which added another sense to the bath bomb

Once I had popped in the rest of the very vivid pink bath bomb into the water, my bath was instantly filled with streams of very pink foam. The Amazeball is a fairly quick fizzer but due to its large size it creates the most magical display in the water. Although a quick fizzer it fizzer and foamed for ages across the surface of the water followed with a bust of golden yellow colour from the star shaped topper.

The scent did weaken a little in the water, but it was still strong enough to still be detected throughout my bath. I actually found the water to feel fairly hydrating on my skin which was a pleasant surprise and I also really enjoyed how pink the water stayed once once the bath bomb had fully dissolved.

Overall I am a huge fan of the Snow Fairy Amazeball and the Amazeball concept I. General. I do feel the price is a little steep and would put me off from buying regularly. But it is a lovely concept as a treat or a gift and I am very much looking forwards to trying out some more of the amazeballs released this christmas.


PRICE: £8.50 2019 price


INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, DRF alcohol, cream of tartar, white sugar crystals, Persian lime oil, titanium dioxide, water, synthetic musk, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, sodium laureth sulfate, dipropylene glycol, synthetic fluorphlogopite, tin oxide, alpha-isomethyl ionone, perfume, colour 45410:2, colour 45410:1, colour 14700, colour 17200, colour 77491, colour 19140, colour 45350

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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