The magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar.

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit this is the most perfect product to do so.
Every year lush release a range of products especially designed for Christmas and this is one of those said products from the Christmas 2015 collection.

I was so so excited about trying out the Christmas products this year, as Christmas is defiantly my favourite part of the year and the magic of Christmas was a product that I was super excited to try, every since I first saw a pictures of which products would be in the 2015 collection.

The magic of Christmas firstly looks incredible I think this it what first draw me to it. Being the same concept of the snow fairy magic wand, this hosted a orange coloured star mounted on a cinnamon stick, garnished with cloves and decorated with a cute red ribbon and little bell. All off this together just made the ultimate Christmassy product.

Lush describe this product as :

Packed with whole spices – clove buds, star anise , and a real cinamon stick handle – you get to create your own spicey infusion in the bath every time you use the magic of Christmas.

This bubble bar is designed so that it can be used in more than one bath. The little cinamon handle means that it can be held under running water or swished around the bath tub to create oodles and oodles of super soft Christmassy smelling bubbles. The bubbles create a thick warm blanket that you can submerge yourself under and get away from the cold winter weather.

As soon as the bubble bar is placed under running water it quickly starts to create mountains of bubble (I love how quickly it did this) and turn the water a stunning orange colour. The outer layer of the magic of Christmas is covered in gold glitter which gave the water that all important sparkle (I love lush glitter).

This product is defiantly going to last me at least another two baths and maybe even more if I’m lucky. The cinnamon stick can also be popped in the water when the bubble bar is all dissolved to created a spicy infused water and also means that no part of this product is wasted.

The scent of the magic of Christmas is just like everything about Christmas all wrapped up in one gorgeous scent. It really reminds me of cold winters days and Christmas markets drinking mulled wine and hot spiced drinks and evoked so many happy memories.

I also love how soft my skin felt after my bath the bubbles were super soft and silky and they left my skin feeling the same. This is a great moisturing product and will be great at tackling skin that is chapped and dry from the winter weather

This is defiantly going to be one of my key winter products as there is nothing better than submerging yourself in a hot bath on cold dark nights and this is the perfect match for such nights.

Price – £5.95

Ingredients – to be added


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