Golden Pear Soap – Lush Review

I have never smelt anything as beautiful as the Golden Pear soap that Lush have released this Christmas (2017). Soaps are not really my thing, but I always like to try them out incase I find a product that I just adore! While I was as this years Creative Showcase I took the time to walk around the huge soap display to find out all about the soaps being released this year. When I came across the Golden Pear soap I instantly feel in love with it the moment I picked it up.

This soap is a little individual soap which means it isn’t cut from a larger block like other soaps. Each soap is shaped like a Pear so you get to pick your own Pear which is such a great idea.

The Golden Pear soap contains a whole host of wonderful ingredients that all together create its devine scent. Containing Pear puree, cardamom oil, Brazilian orange oil and a large amount of butters, the scent of the Golden Pear Soap is a beautiful warming spicy fruity scent. It reminds me of warm winter pudding and it smells so good if you didn’t know it was soap you would want to take a huge bite.

The size of the soap means it fits very easily into you hand which makes using it very easy. The soap is divided into two sections and sandwiched together with murumuru butter and cocoa butter. This inclusion of butters give the soap a very luxurious feel to it and as you use the soap the butters dissolves creating a very moisturising lather. The scent lingers beautiful on the skin after use and there is also a subtle shimmer that glides across the skin when using the soap. I also found the soap to have an almost exfoliating property to it which I absolutely love.

Overall to say I am not a fan of soaps I absolutely love the Golden Pear soap. I can’t put into words how amazing the scent of this soap is and really recommend that you pop into a store and try it out for yourself.

To watch my video about the 2017 Christmas range click here.

SCENT: 5/5



PRICE: £6.50 ( 2017 price)

INGREDIENTS: Water, propylene glycol, fair trade organic cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil, organic castor oil, sodium hydroxide, Pear purer, perfume, glycerine, cardamom oil, Brazilian orange oil, sandlewood oil, Murumuru butter, almond oil, organic agave syrup, citric acid, titanium dioxide, sodium bicarbonate, synthetic fluorphlogopite, iron oxides, silica, tin oxide, citronellol, comarin, eugenol, limonene, colour 45410, colour 45350, colour 77491, fair trade organic whole clove.

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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