The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb – Lush Review 

It is always very exciting when Lush release new products, it is even more exciting when Lush release a brand new invention that has never been seen in stores before.  As part of this years summer range Lush have released a range of Jelly Bath Bombs! Yes that's right Jelly bath bombs!!! These bath bombs … Continue reading The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb – Lush Review 

Coconut Deodorant Powder – Lush Review 

When I saw that Lush did a range of powder deodorants i was really intrigued by the concept of them. I loved the idea that they would be a lot more natural on the skin and more caring to the environment than an aerosol deodorant.  As I love anything coconut scented I though the best … Continue reading Coconut Deodorant Powder – Lush Review