Yog Log Roulade- Lush Review 

When the shower smoothies showed up with a new design as a shower Roulade, I really wasn’t much of a fan! I’m not sure if that was because I preferred the old packaging or if it’s because I’m really not much of a fan of change! However I decided that I couldn’t come to such a conclusion with out giving then a good trial first and after given them some love they have turned into a product that I am really enjoying at the moment. 

This Christmas Lush has released two limited edition shower roulades. One of then being based on the much loved Yog Nog Soap from last year. Although the soap hasn’t made a re appearance this year the Roulade does share the same gooey sweet caramel scent. The ingredients list for the Yog Log Roulade contains a very good helping of cocoa butter. This helps to give the product is sweet smooth creamy scent, but also doubles up to make the Roulade extremely moisturising. 

My favourite way I have found to use a Roulade is to scoop a nice handful out and then almost use it as a shower gel. The outside of the Roulade is made of melon pulp which not only means that no packaging is needed, it also means that if you wish to you could use this Roulade in the same way as a soap. Although soft it does hold its shape pretty well and if used this way lasts for a very long time.

Overall I have enjoyed using the Yog Log Roulade but I have found that the scent is extremely gentle and I found it very hard to pick up on the scent. The scent didn’t seem to get much stronger once used so only leaves a very subtle hunt on the skin. Hopefully if this is made again next year it will have a much stronger scent as I adore the Yog Nog scent and have really missed it this year. 

RATING: 3/5 

PRICE: £5.95 for 100g 

INGREDIENTS: Water, glycerine, extra virgin coconut oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, fair trade Colombian cocoa butter, fresh honeydew melon pulp, organic castor oil, sodium hydroxide, perfume, clove bud oil, citric acid, sesame seeds, gardenia extract, titanium dioxide, sodium bicarbonate, eugenol, linalool, colour 19140:1, 

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.



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