Candy Cane Toothpaste Jelly – Lush Review

Toothpaste jelly has got to be one of the most bizarre products that Lush have ever released! A lot of their mouthcare products are quite unique but toothpaste jelly defiantly wins the most bizarre medal for me.

Although quite weird and very different from your average toothpaste I was quite surprised to find that I rather liked it.

The toothpaste jelly comes in a small pot and to use you have to pop a bit on your toothbrush and then use like a conventional toothpaste. The getting it onto you toothbrush is a little bit of a challenge and takes a while to get use to as it’s jelly texture makes it quite bouncy.

The toothpaste jelly is available in lots of different flavours, but for the Christmas range it has been released in a candy cane flavour. Containing menthol and peppermint oil it has a very sweet minty flavour! I think if I had tried a jelly with a less conventional flavour I wouldn’t have really been a fan! For some reason I don’t like to brush my teeth with anything that’s not mint flavoured as I don’t feel like my teeth are clean!!

The candy cane flavour is quite sweet and you end up feeling a little like you have brushed your teeth with sweets! So for this reason only I tend to use this toothpaste jelly at nighttime opting for my normal toothpaste on the morning which leave me feeling a little fresher.

What I would say about this toothpaste jelly is that it would be an amazing stocking filler as it’s unique concept really makes a perfect present!

Have you tried any of the toothpaste jelly? How have you got on with them?


PRICE: £5 (2019 price)


INGREDIENTS: water, sorbitol, glycerine, silica, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, xylitol, flavour, peppermint oil, menthol crystals, stevia, agar agar, carrageenan extract, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, synthetic fluorphlogopite, limonene, colour 77491, colour 45430:1

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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