Here are all of the current lush bath products, smaller stores may not stock all the items listed but you can purchase the full range of products online at

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Bath Bombs:

Bubble Bars:

  • A French Kiss
  • Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds
  • Brightside
  • Candy Bubble Brush (Reusable)
  • Cherry Blossom (Reusable)(Online Exclusive)
  • Creamy Candy
  • Divination (Reusable) (Online Exclusive)
  • Flowering Tea (Reusable) (Online Exclusive)
  • Grass (Online Exclusive)
  • I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (Reusable)
  • Karma
  • Lemon Bubble Brush (Reusable)
  • Little Dragon  (Reusable) (Online Exclusive)
  • Milky Bath
  • Mint Bubble Brush (Reusable)
  • Pink Petitgrain
  • Rose Jam Bubbleroon
  • Spinning Plates Bubble Spinner (Reusable) –
  • Sunnyside
  • Supertramp (Online Exclusive)
  • The Comforter
  • Windmill (Reusable) (Online Exclusive)

Luxury Bath Oils and Melts:

  • Ceridwen’s Cauldron
  • Cloak of invisibility (online exclusive)
  • Delight (Online Exclusive)
  • Double Vitality (Online Exclusive)
  • Dreamtime
  • Floating Island
  • Flower’s Barrow (Online Exclusive)
  • Furze (Online Exclusive)
  • Ginger (Online Exclusive)
  • Happy Thoughts (Online Exclusive)
  • mmmelting Marshmellow Moment
  • Oil on Troubled Water (Online Exclusive)
  • Polyamorous (Online Exclusive)
  • Razzle Dazzle (Online Exclusive)
  • Revelations (Online Exclusive)
  • You’ve been Mangoed



  • Apandapand
  • Bertie 
  • Bohemian
  • Cream of Tomato 
  • Devils Nightcap
  • Drop of Hope (Gourmet Soap)
  • Figs and Leaves
  • Green Gold 
  • Honey I Washed The Kids
  • Karma
  • Layer cake
  • Lush Gardener 
  • Lush Hippy 
  • Lush Mechanic 
  • Maypole
  • Milky Bar
  • Movis
  • Olive Tree (Gourmet Soap)
  • Outback Mate
  • Parsley Porridge
  • Respect your elders
  • Rockstar
  • Ros Argan (Gourmet Soap)
  • Sandstone
  • Sea salted Caramel
  • Sea Vegetable
  • Serendipity
  • Sexy Peel
  • Sticky Banana (Online Exclusive)
  • Sultana of Soap
  • Zen



2 thoughts on “Bath

  1. Stormy Dormy says:

    You need to get onto reviewing them soaps! I’d advise asking for samples of the soaps, because soaps take a long, long time to use up so this will save you a lot of time when reviewing and testing them out 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • mylushandstuff says:

      It’s something I keep meaning to do, I’m not a huge fan of soaps so I never really get excited about them! But defiantly like the sample idea and I might end up finding one I really like 😃 thank you for the tip 😀


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