Jester Reusable Bubble Bar – Lush Review 

When it come to creativity Lush have got it spot on! If you are looking for a bath product that is a little bit different and has a unique touch then you will be spoilt for choice with this years Lush Christmas range. 

One such extremely creative product is the jolly looking Jester Reusable bubble bar. Although not a figure that is traditionally associate with Christmas. The design of this product is very bright and colourful and reminds me of something that would be found in a toy shop. The bubble bar come complete with its own bell so as you swirl it around the bath it jingles away which will defiantly put a smile of your face. 


The scent of the Jester Reusable bubble bar is very citrusy and fresh! If you are a fan of the Brightside bubble bar this one shares the same scent. Containing tangerine oil, sicillian mandarin oil and bergamot oil the mix of these oils creates a fresh and fruity citrusy orange scent. I love these types of scents in the winter as they are great for getting me up and on the move when I’m feeling a little sluggish and just want to stay in my warm bed. 

Reusable bubble bars arnt like your normal Lush bubble bars. These ones come complete with their own stick, which means you can hold the bar under running water (very helpful I think) or if you wanted you could swirl the stick around you Bath. As you do this mountain of frothy bubble are produced. I love how much colour is also produced from the Jester bubble bar. It turn the water a lovely orange colour and the citrusy scent it lovely and strong and is noticeable for the entire bath.

Overall I love the Jester Reusable bubble bar and think it would make a lovely present for children and adults or a great stocking filler this Christmas. 

RATING: 5/5 

PRICE: £6.50 (2016 price) 

INGREDIENTS: Sodium carbonate, sodium laureth sulfate, cream of tartar, sodium Laureth sulfate, glycerine, lauryl betaine, limonene, perfume, tangerine oil, Sicilian mandarin oil, bergamot oil, titanium dioxide, citral, linalool, colour 47005, colour 14700, colour 45410

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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