Papa Noel Face Wash Jelly – Lush Review 

When I saw what product would be released as part of this years Lush Christmas range, the Papa Noel face wash jelly was the product I was most excited to try. Not only is this a new product for this year, it is also a concept that has not been seen before which only heightened my excitement for this product. 

I first got my hands on this product while at the Lush creative showcase and as soon as I tried it out I found myself very disappointed. I wouldn’t say that the product is a bad product it just wasn’t as good as I was expecting. 

Containing tangerine oil and lime oil the Papa Noel face wash jelly has a very citrus scent. However it isn’t a fresh citrus scent at all it defiantly has more of a chemical scent about it. I do believe this is one of the main reasons as to why I haven’t enjoyed this product. The scent is in fact the same as the enzymion facial cleanser. If you are a fan of that scent then I am sure you would love the scent of this facial wash jelly. 

I am a huge fan of a good old novelty product and I think this was probably why I was most excited about trying this product out. Shaped like Santa’s beard this has got to be one of the most festive product ever! I just couldn’t wait to get it out of it pot to take endless photos with my little Santa’s beard. But I found that my little beard had got complete stuck together and it took a lot of pulling to get the beard to unfold. When I eventually managed to it had completly ripped in half so I couldn’t take any Santa selfies. I found the consistency of the jelly to be very sticky, but since I purchased my pot Lush have infact reformulated the jelly so I’m hoping that it no longer has this issue and you can all have lots of fun taking silly Santa’s beard selfies. 

I found that there are two pretty good ways of using the facial jelly. You can either use it directly onto your skin or you can swish it around you hand until it produces a lather which you can then use to wash your face. 

I found the jelly did make quite a good facial wash and my skin did feel very soft after use. I think maybe if the scent had been more to my liking i would have enjoyed this product a lot more. I do love the novelty element behind the wash and think it would be great for children or as a present for you dad or secret Santa. The Papa Noel face wash jelly just wasn’t for me.

Have you tried the face wash jelly? 

Why did you think?


PRICE: £7.95 for 180g (2016 price) 

INGREDIENTS: Glycerine, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, carrageenan extract, kaolin, sodium cocoamphoacetate, perfume, lilal, organic jojoba oil, tangerine oil, lime oil, titanium dioxide, citral, limonene

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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