Mother’s Day

Here you will find the Lush Mother’s Day items, please click on a highlighted product to read review.

Mother’s Day 2018 

Bath Bombs: Incredible mum, Madame President, Mum Look What I Made For You

Bubble Bars: Baa Bar,Citrus are Doing It for Themselves Bubbleroon, Mother of Pearl Bubbleroon, Mum in a spin Bubble Spinner, Purple Drain Bubbleroon, 

Shower Gels, Jelly and Creams: Antiope Naked Shower Gel

Soaps: Chamomile Lawn, Lemon Zest, Purple Loosestrife, Raspberry Milkshake, Rosebud

Other: Honey Bear Massage Bar, 

Mother’s Day 2017

Bath Bombs: Mother Earth Bath Bomb (Oxford st/online exclusive) ,  Mum Bath Bomb, Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb 

Bubble Bars: Baa Bar Bubble BarElsie The Giraffe (you’re having a bath) Reusable Bubble BarYour Mother Should Know Bubble Bar

Shower Gels, Jelly and Creams: Pink Custard Shower Jelly,  Yummy Mummy Shower Cream

Soaps: Sunrise Soap

Other: Honey Lip ScrubScrubee Body Scrub 

Mother’s Day 2016

Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars: Flowering Tea Bag reusable bubble bar,  Flutterby Bubble Bar (Oxford Street Exclusive)Ladybird Bubble Bar, Roller Bath Bomb (Oxford Street Exclusive)Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, Sunflower Bubble Bar (oxford street and gift set exclusive), Tulip Reusable Bubble Bar (Oxford street exclusive).

Shower Gels and Creams: Yummy Mummy Shower Cream. 

Soap: Sunrise Soap.