Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar – Lush Christmas Review

Snow Fairy is my favourite scent of all time, the Snow Fairy shower gel was one of the first every products that I tried from Lush and since that day I have been utterly in love with its super sweet, candy floss aroma. Because of how much I love it, I tend to find myself heading straight for any product that shares it’s delightful scent. I was very happy to find that as part of this years Christmas range (2017) Lush were releasing a Snow Fairy sparkle jar and new it was one of the products that I wanted to try out first.

So first off I was very intrigued to find out exactly what a sparkle jar was. A sparkle jar is a hybrid between a massage bar and a dusting powder. The sparkle jar come in the form of a little jar which is Naked! This means that it is completely packaging free. The jar itself is made out of the massage bar and is pretty much the same as the old Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar. Then the inside of the jar if filled with Fairy Dust dusting powder.

To use the Snow Fairy sparkle jar all you have to do it find something to poke through two hole in the lip (it comes sealed up so you don’t end up with fairy dust every where on the way home). You can then use the outer jar as a massage bar and then sprinkle dusting powder out of the top. The massage bar is so strong in scent it actually makes your entire room smell like Snow Fairy. Once on it left any skin smelling Devine and heads up it is very sparkly. Also the Snow Fairy dusting powder is wonderful and adds a beautiful shimmer and scent to the skin which lasts for absolutely ages. Overall I was very impressed the the scent and shimmer of this product. If you like to sparkle (I defiantly do), then this product is for you.

At first I absolutely loved the concept of this product. I think it is an absolutely brilliant and novel idea. But after using it for a while I have come across a few negatives which have slightly altered my opinion of this product.

1. Naked products are brilliant I love them and everything they stand for. But as I do an awful lot of traveling for work I can’t very easily travel Naked products, especially not the snow fairy sparkle jar, as I will get dusting powder everywhere!!! This is made a little worse by the fact there is no packaging version of the dusting powder available this year.

2. Storage of this product is a little awkward. If you just leave it on the side it’s going to get covered in dust and that not the most hygienic. Have you got a novel way of storing this product? I would love to know or if you have any ideas which may help.

3. I maybe knocked mine of this side the other day and got dusting powder everywhere. If you live in a house with small children or just a busy household. Due to the open lid I can see many people ending up with a very sparkly house.

Now this sounds like I’m being very negative about this product which is not my intention at all. I still really like this product itself and it really is a beautiful and unique idea. It’s defiantly great as a quirky gift idea and I think they are just perfect for Christmas. All I wish is that maybe they had crated a jar it could if in, so if you wanted some for of packaging (Reusable would be great) then there was that option as well.

Let me know what you think to the Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar, I would love to find out what you all recon. Is it a yay or a Nay for you?

To watch my video about the 2017 Christmas range click here.


PRICE: £6.95

INGREDIENTS: Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, cornflour, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, perfume, calcium sodium borosilicate, titanium dioxide, synthetic musk, synthetic flurophlogopite, Tin Oxide, Limonene, citral, colour 77491

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


2 thoughts on “Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar – Lush Christmas Review

  1. theremightbecoffee says:

    When they announced this I was so happy! I remember quite a while ago they announced a Snow Fairy massage bar which I wanted, but never bought due to the price.

    I was gifted a bottle of Fairy Dust a year or so ago and I’ve hardly used it. 😦 I’m not really a person for shimmer… But I’ll try and use it this year.

    I was so excited (as I said) when they announced this, as well as the Twilight version BUT when I found out if had the shimmer inside I was put off… I want a massage bar, not a massage and shimmer bar. 😦

    It’s an amazing concept, but it just doesn’t seem practical to me. 😦

    A shimmer bar would have worked great to be fair. Don’t get me wrong! This sounds like so much fun, but for when you’re a teenager or uni student.

    I might pick one up in the sale. I like using massage bars for back massages. ^_^

    Great review as always m’love. ❤

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    • Stephanie Clarke says:

      I’m so with you, the actual massage bar part is also really shimmery, it’s also turn you very pink and takes a lot of rubbing in. Brilliant idea but totally not practical. The scent of the twilight ones great but I only use it before bed as you end up looking like a disco ball xx


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