Manchester Market Street

Lush Manchester Market Street is the first completely naked (packaging free) Lush store in the UK. Here you will find a list of the exclusive products available at this store.

Exclusive products may change regularly please check with store for a current list.

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Bath Bombs 

  • Black Rose Bath Bomb
  • Groovy Kind of love Bath Bomb
  • Harajuku Bath Bomb
  • Lucky Cat Bath Bomb
  • Marshmallow Rose Bath Bomb

Body Conditioner 

  • Ros Argan Naked body conditioner

Body Mask

  • Mud Body Mask
  • Oat Body Mask

Body Scrubs

  • Aurora Borealis Body Scrub
  • Soya Barn Exfoliator


  • Baby Face Cleanser
  • Okame Cleanser


  • Get Closer solid deodorant
  • T for Toes solid foot powder
  • Teo solid deodorant
  • The greeench solid deodorant
  • The guv’ner solid deodorant

Shampoo Bar

  • Angel hair Shampoo bar
  • Coconut rice cake shampoo bar

Shower Gel 

  • Dirty Springwash Naked Shower gel
  • Happy Hippy Naked shower gel
  • It’s Raining Men Naked shower gel
  • Olive Branch Naked shower gel
  • Plum Rain Naked Shower gel
  • Rose Jam Naked shower gel
  • Sleepy Naked shower gel

Shower Oil

  • Argan Dragon Shower Oil
  • Coco Loco Shower Oil
  • Minamisoma Shower Oil
  • Vertical Abhyanga Shower Oil


  • Birch Soap
  • Lemon Zest Soap
  • Oat Soap
  • Poppy Soap
  • Purple Loosestrife Soap
  • Raspberry Milkshake soap