Ching Ling Soo Bath Bomb – Lush Review 

When I first heard that the Ching Ling Soo bath bomb would be making an appearance in the Lush Kitchen I got very excited. I couldn't help but notice the name of this bath bomb was very similar to a famous magician called Chung Ling Soo. I therefore decided to do a little bit of … Continue reading Ching Ling Soo Bath Bomb – Lush Review 

Phuket Bath Bomb – Lush Review 

The Phuket bath bomb is a product that I have been meaning to purchase for quite some time. It is a firm favourite on the lush kitchen at the moment meaning it pops up quite often. So I decide to pick my self up a couple from a recent lush menu and gave them a … Continue reading Phuket Bath Bomb – Lush Review