Avobath bomb 

so I currently I am on my summer tour, which means I very rarely get a bath and have to make do with showers! But tonight my hotel had the worlds biggest bath and I was prepared with my all time favourite bath bomb Avobath.

Lushes tag line for this bath bomb is Avobath in the morning to help you face the day. I totally agree with this statement and I do believe this bath bomb would make a perfect bath to help alert your senses and wake you up ready for the day ahead. The scent of this bath bomb is very strong and i think this is what attracted me to this product in the first place. The main scent is Lemongrass which helps to create a beautiful citrus scent. Lemongrass is also a natural antiseptic and has uplifting property’s ,which definitely will help to wake you up in the morning but also will help to awaken you senses when ever you need a little pick me up.  Bergamot oil is also a main ingredient which is great at tackling dryness. One of the other main ingredients is lots and lots of fresh mashed up avocado and olive oil, both of these are brilliant at tackling dry skin and making skin super soft. So Avobath would defiantly be a great choice for anyone who would like to add a little extra mouisture to the skin.

The Avobath has a stunning green colour which transfers to the bath tub. Alough Avobath doesn’t give the most spectacular performance in the water , it does have a great fizz and leaves the water smelling amazing as both the scent and colour stay strong and don’t fade away. There is also a tiny amount of lustre which as a lovely suttle shimmer to the water but doesn’t leave you covered head to toe in glitter like some of the other bath products.

Overall I think Avobath is a great product to clear and cleanse the mind and this has and always will be one of my favourite bath products which I highly recommend everyone to try as I think as its a regular product it sometimes gets forgotten about.

Top tip– the scent of this product is very strong so cut it in half and save some for another day

Price – £3.35

Ingredients –  sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, fresh avocado, organic extra virgin olive oil, lemongrass oil, bergamot oil, rosewood oil, citral, geraniol, farnesol, limonene, linalool, perfume, gardenia extract, lustre holly sparkle


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