Magma Bath Bomb – Lush Review

I have absolutely been loving trying out all of the exclusive bath bombs that have recently been released at the the new Lush Liverpool store (and a few online). One that I was very excited to try was the magma bath bomb! My job is very active and I spent a lot of time nursing sore muscles and lots of bruises so the Magma Bath Bomb sounded like it would be the perfect bath bomb to ease my tired sore body.

The bath bomb is designed to look like hot lava and it’s design gives some indication that with bath bomb is going to be warming and spicy.

Containing a good helping of ginger, mustard powder, cinnamon and peppermint the Magma bath bomb is created to ease tension, comfort and warm. The scent is wonderfully spicy and the touch of peppermint and menthol really add to its scent. Although not necessarily the most pretty scent it is surprising comforting and I scent I found myself really enjoying.

Once in the water the Magma Bath Bomb is a lovely slow fizzer. As it floats across the surface of the water it releases mound of red foam, as this spreads across the surface of the water yellow foams breaks through the cracks of the bath bomb just like lava creating swirls of colour in the water. The Magma Bath Bomb is such a great bath bomb for creating bath art.

The scent of this bath bomb really heightened in the water and I personally think this would be a great bath bomb if you had a cold.

My favourite thing about this bath bomb has got to be the warming sensation that is created, this is perfect and not to overpowering but enough to help ease tension and sore muscles.

Overall I was very very impressed with the Magma Bath Bomb. This will defiantly be a Bath bomb that I will be picking up in the future.


PRICE: £6.95 (2019 website price)

INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, ginger powder, mustard powder,dipropylene glycol, cinnamon leaf oil, peppermint oil, water, popping candy, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, propylene glycol, eugenol, perfume, colour 47005, colour 14700, colour 45410, colour 45430:1, colour 45350

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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