Lush Buchanan Street (Glasgow) 

   So after a busy day of filming in Glasgow, I had just enough time for a vist to Lush Buchanan Street. Now I wasn't really sure what to exspect when I was on my way to find this store but oh wow was I in for a surprise!  It turns out that Lush Buchanan … Continue reading Lush Buchanan Street (Glasgow) 

Lush Liverpool 

   Although lush Liverpool is my local store, I never really get the chance to go and visit as I'm hardly ever at home. So I was very excited to see that I was home for a whole weekend and used my time wisely and went for a trip to lush. Wow I have never … Continue reading Lush Liverpool 

Lush Poole 

   I was very very excited when my travels took me down south to the exstremly picturesque seaside town of Poole. The main reason that I was so excited about visiting Poole is that's it is home to the original lush store.  This is the store where the whole story of lush began, and where … Continue reading Lush Poole