Lush Bournemouth 


  So I’m a little behind on some of reviews but I still wanted to tell you all about my little trip, so here we go.

A few weeks ago now, whilst working down south I had the chance to go visit the very very pretty Bournemouth. I have a little deal going on with my partner, he gets to go visit a magic shop in the area and I get to visit a lush store and it works out pretty well. 

Lush Bournemouth is a lovely store, situated in a beautiful old corner building you can’t help but notice it when walking past. Lush Bounemouth is quite a large store and is filled full of the most wonderful displays of all the lush products.

 It was great to see that being so close to Poole that lush Bournemouth has a great connection with them especially when it comes to their spa which I am hopefully going to go visit soon.

Whilst I was at lush Bournemouth they were in full swing of campaigning about TTIP. It was great to see all the staff showing their full support to the campaign. TTIP is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which is a dirty deal being negotiated in secret by the European Union and the USA. Talks started in 2013 but they hope for it to be wrapped up in the up and coming month. Lush have created a showder along with Vivienne Westwood called dirty deal as a way of raising money to help fight against this. For more information visit  

 Whilst in store me and my partner also got chatting to the fantastic Dean. I also love talking to staff member as they always have great knowledge and are full of enthusiasms and Dean was just fantastic so thank you.

For more information on Lush Bournemouth vist 


Instagram- Lushbournemouth

Facebook – lush Bournemouth 


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