Lush Wakefield 

So last week my travels took me over Wakefield, as I was working in a very cute magic shop called merlins (go check it out of your in Wakefield) . But other than work it also meant a lush trip as lush was only round the corner from where I was working ( I love it when this happens).

The lush Wakefield shop was very quiet when I happened to pop in, in fact I was the only person in the store for a while but the town itself also seem rather quiet. But the staff members where lovely and I happily had a good browse around the store looking at all the gorgeous wonders it held.

The Wakefield store is a lovely large store and very open planned. The store has so many large windows which means the shop is just filled with light which is perfect for showing up all the wonderful colours of the products.

I spend some time looking at all the gift sets as my friends birthday is coming up and I wanted to find her a nice gift. I don’t normally get any thing from the gift sets and felt a bit lost due to the sheer amount. But the lovely Olivia who works at the store was brilliant and helped me to pick out the most perfect gift for her (I know she’s going to love it) .

I also had a look for some new face products as my skin is misbehaving a lot at the moment. I decided on two products that I haven’t tried before and got dark Angels and mask of magnaminty.

And of course I couldn’t leave without a bath bomb (my favourite) , the store had a great selection of bath products and they were arranged in such a stunning way. While having a look I noticed lovely display of sky dancers bath bombs so I made sure I picked one up before they go good.




I really enjoyed my trip to lush Wakefield, as it is such a lovely store and a big thank you to Olivia who went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I was looking for.


For more information on lush Wakefield visit 

Or check them out on

Twitter: @lushwakefield

Instagram: lushwakefield


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