Lush Meadowhall 

Last night I was amazing lucky and had the chance to attend the lush VIP opening night. 

I spent the day exstremly excited as I couldn’t wait to attend the night and as soon as I was finished uni me and my partner jumped in our van and headed on over to Meadowhall. Normally when visiting a lush store we end up driving around and around looking for a parking space, so we were both looking forward to the fact that meadow hall had hundreds and hundreds of parking space that you can fit a big old van in. But with a combination of my poor navigation skills and the sat navs ability to take us to the wrong place, we arrived at the address on the invitation which in fact was a very small, very remote village! with no sign of a lush store whats so ever. After some guess work , we decided the address must be wrong. that I’m a disgrace to that fact I was a girl guide and can’t navigate and the lush was actually located in the shopping centre and not in the middle of no where

So we eventually arrived at the right location and found the brand new lush store located on the ground floor of the meadow hall shopping centre between the EE shop and HSBC.

After handing in our names to the lovely lady at the front of the store, we where greeted with a much needed glass of champagne and my partner who is designated driver a glass or orange juice (this gave the whole affair such and elegant touch). And we entered in to the new store which was buzzing with excited and a hive of activity. 

 So before I tell you what I got up to, let me tell you about this new store. It is AMAZING. it is quite a large store and filled with so many exciting products. Whilst wondering around as well as Christmas release products I also found lots of Oxford street proudts that although on general sale now, I haven’t actually found in a store Until now (I have only seen them online). I found the store quite similar to lush Oxford street store in respects to its layout and design. But it’s such a wonderful and well thought out store I know if you go vist you will love it.
So what did I get up on the night? 


 There was lots and lots for us to do whilst enjoying the evening. 
The very talented Canary and the Cat set the mood for the evening by providing the sound track for the night. Go check them out they are fab (Facebook – canary & the cat, Twitter – @canaryandthecat ) 
There where also lots off lovely freshly made goodies to nibble on around the store includes scones and jam (my all time favourite) provided by the Jameson Tearooms, both of these created a great atmosphere to be able to browse the store and take in all the wonderful products.

I found the staff so helpful and knowledgable and just generally really lovely. Everyone was so happy to advise on products that would help you or suit you the best. I picked up some new products to try as well as some of my trusted favourites. The lovely Candice (so sorry if I’ve spelt your name wrong) showed us some of the new soaps and also gave us a demonstration of the bright side bubble bar. she was so enthusiastic and lovely and full of helpful and useful knowlege on all of the products.


One of my favourite parts of the night was having the chance to make my own comforter bubble bar. It was so so much fun. I’m not going to lie my partner was a lot better at it than me and I’m mine kind of ressembed a pink and white blob rather than his sleek bubble bar. But it was a great exsperience as I have never had the chance to make one before. They didn’t quite make it home in one peice though and now both resembled a squashed blob but still smell incredible and I can’t wait to try it out. 


 I also had a face mask consultation by the very friendly Krissy who asked me a few questions about my skin and what I would like to improve about my skin. She then Talked me through the best face masks for my type of skin and how they would help. I found it so interesting and learnt all sorts about the ingredients in the masks that I didn’t no before. She then tried two masks out on my hands that she felt best suited my skin, so I could see how they felt and smelt and how they left my skin feeling. Once Krissy had tried our the right masks for me she asked me to choose one and gave me it as a free gift ( how super kind) I chose the catastrophe cosmetic face mask, As it smells amazing and I can’t wait to try it out .
There was also an opportunity to have hand and arm massages wich looked so lovely.but I was so busy with everything else I didn’t get chance for one of these.


 When i went to the tills to purchase my items I was greeted by Chris and a lovely lady ( I didn’t get chance to grab her name). They were amazing!! I have never had such an amazing exsperience at a till before. Every item they popped an item in my bag they told me how to use it, why it’s great and any good tips. It was brilliant so a massive thank you for adding that extra special finishing touch to my night . 
Overall I had the most incredible night, it was so much fun. I met so many wonderful people and learnt so much about the lush products that I didn’t no before. I was even lucky enough to receive a goodie bag full of lush goodies on the way out.
If you get the chance make sure you go vist lush meadow hall as it is a fantastic store.

Twitter – @lushMeadowhall

Instagram- lush Meadowhall 

Or for more information vist


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