Lush Oxford street 

So I’m not going to lie , I was was as excited about my second trip to Lush Oxford Street as I was my first trip! In fact I may have been even more excited as I new exactly what to expect this time.

The lush Oxford street store opened earlier this year and created a huge buzz of excitement among lushies near and far. Not only is this store the largest store featuring three floor full of wonderful products! It also contains a huge range of products that are exclusive to the Oxford street store. The first time I visited the store there was around 200 exclusive products, but now a large amount of these have just been released into general sale meaning everyone gets the chance to try them without having to make the very long trip (for a lot of us) to Oxford street. 


 After spending a lot of time before my first trip googling and reading blogs and vlogs about the new products I was so excited and just couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new products! But no matter what I read or watched nothing would prepare me for this amzing shop.

As I walked down Oxford street I happened to be down wind from the store so I could smell the gorgeous scent of the shop, as I approached it.

As you walk through the doors you are met by a hive of activity and an array of bright and beautiful colours. Everywhere you look there is something going on and a general buzz of excitement fills the store. The best way I can describe this environment is like something of out Charlie and the chocolate factory but for soap!


It is amazing!!!

But it is also very hard to stay focused! I get so distracted and found my self going from one product to the next and not really taking anything in. So I was very glad that on my second trip I had created a little shopping list so I new exactly what I wanted to find and didn’t want to end up missing products like I did the first time.

As you first enter the shop you are greeted by some extremely friendly staff and the world biggest sink which is use for demonstrating products and is filled with bubbles. There is a large collection of hand and foot care products. The shop is beautifully designed to enlighten all you sense with all products being carefully arranged.

The ground floor is also home to the hair care section including a salon where you can even get henna applied, a new large collection of makeup, shower products, fresh face products and a huge variety of soaps. If the wasn’t enough there is still another two floors of wonder to go.






If you head down the stairs to the lower level you will find the most relaxing spa floor, this is home to perfumes, massage products, face products and of course the lush spa. This floor is very relaxing, quiet and calm and here you can momentarily escape the buzz of activity that you find on the other floors. There are plenty of staff around to help you find the right products for you and to even give you a little hand and arm massage to help relax and calm the mind while to browse the large collection of products on this floor.
Finally the top floor is left, this is probably the most exciting floor for most people as it is home to an extensive collection of bath bombs and bubble bars. The colours that this floor has is unbelievable it’s just looks incredible and the smell is something out of this world.

As you wonder around the huge piles of bath bombs , bubble bars and the newly designed bath oils it is hard to decide which ones to pick. The as always the staff are incredibly helpful and are more than happy to give you a demonstration of any of the products in any of the sinks that are dotted around the store. If you get the chance to watch a demonstration it is always a spectuacular event.

This floor is also home to the gift collection and the fun collection including a large table where you can create you own fun models! This floor also has an area where speakers on topic close to lushs heart can come and speak and fill everyone in on there chosen topic (make sure you watch Oxford streets social media sites for upcoming events)

It’s pretty clear that this store is incredible and no matter how much you read and can’t truly understand its wonder until you vist the store. it really is amazing! I know it’s an awful long way for most people including myself. But if you can or ever get the chance try and visit this store as you defiantly won’t be disappointed.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff for sharing there knowledge on the products, giving me endless tips and tricks and for generally being amazing and making my exsperience so special.
Address – 175-179 Oxford street, London, W1D 2JS

Twitter – @LushOxfordStreet

Facebook – Lush Oxford Street

Instagram – lushoxfordstreet
Or for more information vist


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