Lush Buchanan Street (Glasgow) 


 So after a busy day of filming in Glasgow, I had just enough time for a vist to Lush Buchanan Street. Now I wasn’t really sure what to exspect when I was on my way to find this store but oh wow was I in for a surprise! 
It turns out that Lush Buchanan Street was the number one store in the UK but now that the Oxford street store is here (we all know how massive that store it) it is the number two store in the UK. It is huge though and I was so excited that I had the chance to check it out.

The store is a very large modern store but is filled floor to ceiling with the most colourful products and wonderful displays. Although it is a modern store, it features beautiful counters made entirely out of reclaimed timber.


As soon as we waked in the store we were greeted by the exstremly lovely Laura and Maddie. They were both so helpful and friendly and spent ages telling us about the store and its history which was fascinating. They also took the time to listen all about what we do and get up to, and spent a lot of time just generally being nice. 


 So since I love lush so much, my partner has developed a little love for lush himself and his all time favourite product is 93,000 miles shower jelly. Laura so was lovely in store and gave him a pot of this as a random act of kindness and Maddie who notice my very very glitter eyeshadow (I had come straight from set) gave me some sparkly first snow dusting power as her random act of kindness. I thought this was such a beautiful thing to do and after having such a long day this it put a smile on both our faces and genuinely made our day. The world is a very tough place sometimes and you never know what’s going on in someone’s life so doing anything as a random act of kindness is such a great way of putting a touch of happiness and love into someone’s day! We should defiantly all try and do this a little more offern. 

 The store was quite busy while we were there, but the way it was set out meant everything was easily accessible and I was able to have a good look around and grab a few essentials. While I was looking round store I also met Rory who had the most amazing personality and showed me some of the bath melts available. He won me over with description of the Ceridwens Cauldron which I needed up purchasing and can’t wait to try out. 
What I defiantly loved about Lush Buchanan Street was how much happiness was in the store. Everyone seemed so happy and smiley and all the staff where so willing to help.

I also loved that even when I was paying for my items the staff would go out of their way to help. The amazing Natalie helped me find items I was looking for and was so pleasant and polite when I was paying for my items that I left the shop with a huge smile on my face. 

Lush Buchanan Street is such an amazing place to vist and if you haven’t already you really should. Thank you so so much to Laura, Maddie, Rory and Natalie for making my vist so special and I can’t wait to come vist again hopefully very very soon 🙂 
For more information on Lush Buchanan Street vist


Instagram – lushbuchananst 

Twitter – @LushBuchananSt

Facebook – Lush Glasgow – Buchanan Street


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