Lush Poole 

I was very very excited when my travels took me down south to the exstremly picturesque seaside town of Poole. The main reason that I was so excited about visiting Poole is that’s it is home to the original lush store. 

This is the store where the whole story of lush began, and where the amazing concept that it is now was created. The story of lush and how it was created is really inserting and wonderful so if you ever get the chance have a little look on there website or you can even buy a book in store that tells you all about it. There is even a story about how the name lush came about. So having read all about lush and how it came to be, I was really looking forward to visiting the store where it all started. 

So once again we drove around and around (this seems to be a recurring theme when I visit a new lush store) trying to find some where to park our van. Eventually we managed to get parked even though it was rather far (I need to invest in a car rather than a van) and set of to try and find the Poole store. 

Lush Poole is situated down a very cute street and is the most beautiful store I have ever seen. It is a lovely pale blue colour (which means you can’t help but notice it) and has the most pretty white window frames, complete with cute flower boxes. I kind of wish every lush store looked like this. There are two halves to this shop 29 and 29 1/2 high street. one side is the shop and the other side is the spa. 

As I walked in through the door I felt like I was entering someone’s front room. The shop is very small compared to others. But if crammed full of the most colourful products. 


 The entire atmosphere of the shops gives of a very cosy and welcoming feel. With wooden floors, tables and shelves you can’t help but feel like you in a cottage kitchen it just all feels so homely. 
 After having a good look around the store and taking in all the wonderful products I was particularly excited about there display of perfumes. The display Just looked so interesting and I spent rather along time having a good try of all the delicious scents.

So on my jounerys so far no matter what store I find my self in the staff are always incredible and here was no different. The very lovely Kelsey who I think was quite new to the store (forgive me if I’ve got this wrong), but even though being new was extremely efficient and knowledgable, gave me loads of help and advice. 

Kelsey introduced me to a perfume I have never tried before. It was called 29 High street (apply names after the store). The reason I have never tried this before is that it is exclusive to the lush Poole shop and can’t be brought anywhere else. 29 high street is the most mysterious perfume and is ment to smell like waking in to a lush store. Now I was a little dubious about this. At first I wasn’t sure, but after a seconds of the perfume being on my skin I was won over. I have never smelt anything like it before. It smelt EXACTLY like walking into a lush store. I was so impressed it when straight in to my basket without any hesitation. If you have he chance to visit the lush Poole shop make sure you don’t leave without giving this perfume a little try. 

While in store I also met Teresa who works in store, Teresa gave me and partner loads of information about the spa and all it has to offer. We had a little peak through the window and it looks wonderful. Lush do actually offer spa tours on certain days so it’s always worth asking. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that with Christmas coming up soon Santa might bring me a nice spa treatment.

Overall I had the most fantastic time while visiting lush Poole and can’t wait to visit again and hopefully also visit the spa.I would like to say an extra big thank you to Teresa and Kelsey who made my visit that extra bit special and il hopefully see you all again soon.

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