Mamma Mia Body Scrub – Lush Review

Mamma Mia, here I go again.

My My, how can I resist you?

Recently we have seen a lot of the solid body scrubs being released, these are great but there is something about a scrub that you can scoop a big handful of that I find a lot more satisfying.

The Mamma Mia Body Scrub has firmly become my new favourite scrub. When you open up the black tub you are greeted with a stunning bright pink contents. What really makes this scrub wonderful is it scent! The scent of the Mamma Mia scrub is so different to anything I have tried from Lush before. This year as part of the Mother’s Day Range we have seen a whole host of new and exciting scents.

The mama Mia scrub contains pink grapefruit, Himalayan salt, bergamot oil, rosewood oil, vanilla and rose clay. If pretty had a scent this would be it! The Mamma Mia scent is quite a difficult one to describe and I have seen quite a few different options to what it smells like. I’m my opinion the scent of this scrub is a sweet vanilla creamy scent with a slightly floral hint and a touch of zesty citrus. Although not a strong scent, its softness really adds to its delicate pretty aroma.

Everyone likes their scrubs to feel different and I love that lush release different scrubs with different scrubby ingredients to create different levels of exfoliation . I found the exfoliation element of this scrub to be just right for me, it isn’t so rough that it aggravated my skin and it also wasn’t so soft I couldn’t feel anything.

When using the Mamma Mia scrub be careful not to over use the product as it is quite easy to grab a massive scoop (I always do this) if you are sparing with this scrub your tub will last for a lot time. After use my skin felt extremely soft and moisturised. I really enjoyed how nourishing this scent is and I love the added bonus of the scent lingering on the skin.


PRICE: £10.95 300g, £19.95 600g (2019 price)


INGREDIENTS: fine sea salt, sodium laureth sulfate, pink grapefruit purée, sodium cocoamphoacetate, water, fresh pink grapefruit decoction, Himalayan salt, bergamot oil, rosewood oil, vanilla absolute, lactic acid, rose clay, Lauryl betaine, synthetic fluorphlogopite, tin oxide, limonene, linalool, perfume, colour 45410

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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