Avocado Wash Shower Gel – Lush Review

Every now and then I find a product from Lush that I just fall in love with and end up using everytime I jump in the bath or shower. My latest lush extrodinary product is the Avocado wash shower gel!!! It is literally the best product I have ever tried from Lush.

I first tried the Avocado wash shower gel when It was released as part of the Lush Labs in 2018 along with a whole host of other exciting shower gels. I was absolutely over the moon however to find out that it was being released as part of this year’s Valentine’s Day Range along with the incredible American cream shower gel! It now means that I can stop trying to make my single bottle of the shower gel last a life time and indulge a little as I can now get hold of a couple of new bottle to keep me going.

Bright green in colour the Avocado wash shower gel is pretty eye catching. I do love a bright coloured shower gel as I think they look super pretty in my bathroom and I have a little bit of a lush rainbow display going on.

The scent of this shower gel is however what makes it truly amazing. This shower gel is the most uplifting and refreshing shower gel I have ever tried. Containing bergamot, litsea cubeba oil and olibabum oil the scent is a zesty citrusy mix with a hint of sweetness. I literally can’t put into words how incredible the scent is.

If you have tried the Avocado cowash shampoo from lush this shower gel shares the same wonderful scent! If this is not a scent family you have tried before I highly recommend popping into your local lush and giving this shower gel a try whilist it is in stores.

The Avocado wash shower gel is quite thin in consistency and like a lot of the new shower gels I have found that when left on the side for a few days the shower gel does seem to split. I have however not tried the new batch from the Valentine’s Day Range as of yet to see if this is something that lush have altered at all.

Although thin in consistency the shower gel does feel very creamy on the skin. Avocado is a great ingredient for a skin care product as it is very softening and conditioning. I did find that the shower gel left my skin feeling very moisturised and also left a lovely scent that lingered on the skin.

Overeall this is my all time favourite lush shower gel. I can’t recommend enough that you try this one out! I know for sure that I’m going to be stocking up on a few bottles for when it’s no longer available.

** having hearing people say that the 2019 Valentines Day version did not smell quite the same as the lush labs release from summer 2018, I popped into my local store and picked up a new bottle so I could see for myself if there was a scent difference.

I was quite disappointed to find that there was indeed a difference in scent between the two releases. Although not awful the Valentine’s Day version is defiantly different. It still have the avocado wash scent but it is a lot more muted and is more of a deeper earthy scent. The new release seems to have lost its zingy uplifting element.

I have also noticed that my new bottle does not separate, so maybe the scent difference is due to an alteration in ingredients ? Or possibly it could be a batch issue? Whatever the reason is, it is a shame that the scent is not 100% the same. **


PRICE: £5.95 100g, £11.95 250g, £19.95 500g (2019 price)

INGREDIENTS: water, sodium laureth sulfate, glycerine, sodium cocoamphoacetate, Lauryl betaine, perfume, titanium dioxide, bergamot oil, litsea cubeba oil, olibanum oil, carrageenan extract, organic avocado oil, gardenia extract, fresh avocado, propylene glycol, Amyl cinnamal, cinnanyl alcohol, citral, linonene, linalool, chlorophyllin, colour 42090:2, colour 19140

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.



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