lush Summer Collection 2015 

Wow so the summer collection has been released to day and it is fabulous with lots and lots of new products. Although all stores now have the summer collection, not all products are available at all store and some are still only available online via and in the Oxford street store where they were originally released.

So if there is a certain item you are after make sure you check with the store if they have in it stock.

The summer collection includes:

Bath bombs:

– The Experimenter

– Intergalactic

-Yoga Bomb

– Frozen
Luxury Bath Oils:
– Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

– You’ve been mangoed

– Shark infested Custard

– Floating Island

– Furze

– Dreamtime
Bubble Bars: 

– Milky Bath

– Granny Takes a Dip

– Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar

-May pole

– Green Gold

– Serendipity

– Bertie

– Sea Salted Caramel

– Devils Nightcap

– Outback Mate

– Respect Your Elders

– Crean of Tomato

– Milky Bar

– Layer Cake

– Sticky Banana

– Apandapand

– Oxford Street

-Mosquito (coming soon)
Cold Pressed Soaps:

– Lush Hippy

– Lush Gardner

– Lush Mechanic
Gourmet Soaps (these are coming soon):

– Olive Tree

– Ro’s Argan

– Mallorquin

– Maasai Latherer

– Holy Cacao
Shower Jellies:

– 93,000 miles

– Needles and Pines

– Refresher
Shower Gels and Creams:

– Wash that man right out of my hair

– Don’t rain on my parade

– Beautiful

– The Comforter

– Yuzu and Cocoa
Shower smoothies: 

– Orange Roulade

– Enzymic Roulade

– Blueberry Roulade

– Coconut Scrubby Roulade

– Dreamwash Roulade

– Turkish Delight Roulade
Showders and Scrubs:

– life’s a beach

– Candy Floss

– Lemon Sherbet

– Rub Rub Rub

– The rough with the smooth

– Wash you were here

– Best Washes

-Don’t rain on my parade

– Wash that man

– Beautiful

– Love and light

– Salted Coconut

-Golden Handshake

– Elbow Grease

-Foot Soak and Fancy Free

– Pink Peppermint

– Twinkle Toes

– Go Faster Feet

– Pumice Power

– Softy
Facial Moisturiser:

– Magical Moringa
Face masks:

– The man in the mushroom mask

– Cup o’coffee

– Don’t look at me

– Rosy Cheeks

– Giants Gel

– Sunny day

– Mr Dandys hair candy

– Jo Jo

– Queen Bee

– Hair Custard

– Tangled oil treatment

– Kinky oil treatment

– Damaged oil treatment

– Waves

– Dango

– Hairy Mcclairy

– Jersey Bounce

– Avocado co-wash

– The plumps

– Sugar Daddy – o


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