Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb – Lush Review

I love this time of year when it comes to Lush, as there are so many incredible new products to try with the release of the Halloween and Christmas ranges. This year one bath bomb that I had my eye one from the moment I saw the sneak peek was the Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb. This was mainly due to incredibly bright and eye catching design as well as it rather awesome name.

The Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb is a beautiful orange colour with streaks of purple, green and black running throughout. It really is a eye catching multi coloured wonder.

The scent is quite different to anything I had smelt before and quite an unusual scent, but one I really like. Containing Sicilian lemon oil, ginger, cinnamon and Buchu oil the bath bomb has a fruity yet spicy scent. I found the scent very warming and comforting but also very uplifting. I would love to have a shower gel in this scent.

Once in the water the Mercury Retrograde is a nice slow fizzer. As it bobbed around the surface of the water it created a stream of bright orange followed by purple, pink, green, black an white and it whizzed round and round. The scent was incredible when mixed with the warm water. It created a very warming aroma which would be perfect for easing sore muscles or soothing a winter cold. I also found the water to be very silky soft and moisturising on the skin which was a lovely added bonus.

Overall I am very impressed with the Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb, I would give it a:

10/10 for scent , 10/10 for design and 10/10 for bath art.

PRICE: £4.95 (2019 price)



INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, coarse sea salt, potato starch, cream of tartar, perfume, Buchu oil, cinnamon leaf oil, ginger oil, Sicilian lemon oil, sodium alginate, water, titanium dioxide, gardenia extract, calcium lactate gluconate, sodium coco sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, do propylene glycol, calcium sodium borosilicate, synthetic fluorphlogopite, tin oxide, cinnamal, eugenol, limonene, colour 47005, colour 14700, colour 45350, colour 77491, colour 77266, colour 17200, colour 42090

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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