Fruity Giant Bombshell Bath Bomb – Lush Review

Every now and the Lush release a product that can only be described as completely extravagant. The Fruity giant bombshell, is one such product! It can only be described as a very luxurious product and defiantly not one you would use on a daily basis.

The fruity giant bombshell really is massive but priced at £14.95 you really wouldn’t want it to be any smaller. What makes the fruity bombshell extra special is it’s clever design. Created in two halves tied together with a little price of string the bombshell hold a special surprise neatly hidden inside the bath bomb. The two halves contain of selection of dried fruit, which you can pick yourself instore.

This adds such a lovely touch to this bath bomb (there are a couple of different versions of this bath bomb including one with fresh flowers) and makes it extra special and personalised if you were going to give this product as a gift.

I love fruity citrusy scents so this bath bomb is just perfect for me. The fruity bombshell has a yummy zesty sweet citrus scent. The scent is so uplifting and make you feel so cheerful and brightened. I love the use of bergamot in bath bombs due to its uplifting nature making this bath bomb great to help lift you spirits and pop a smile on your face.

Due to the two separate halves you can decide if you would like to use this bath bomb over two baths or for one super luxurious bath. I decided that I would use this bath bomb in one go to be able to see what the full effects in the water were. As soon a the bath bomb hits the water it is a super quick fizzer as it fizzes away it creates the most gorgeous sunset orange water. As you lie back you can just imagine you are on holiday soaking up all of the wonderful scents. As this bath bomb dissolved you are left with the sliced dried lemons and organised which float across the surface of the water infusing more citrusy goodness Into the water.

Overall although the bath bomb is rather extravagant it is also AMAZING! it is such a wonderful way to treat yourself or it would also make a very lovely and thoughtful gift. I love that you can add a little personalised touch by choosing you filling and I am looking forward to trying out a couple of the other variations.


PRICE: £14.95 (2019 price)

INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, dried lemon slice, dried lime slice, dried orange slice, lime oil, Sicilian lemon oil, cassia oil, bergamot oil, water, dipropylene glycol, limonene, colour 14700, colour 45350, colour 47005

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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