Caracorolle Face Pop – Lush Review

With the opening of the new Lush Liverpool store we have seen a whole host of wonderful new and exciting product. One such product which really caught my attention was the Caracorolle face pop fresh mask.

This product was so unique and different to anything I had seen from lush before I just new that it was a product that I wanted to try out. The Caracorolle face pop if a new fresh skincare product which means it is made fresh each day in store, once purchased it has to be kept in the fridge and is advised to be used within about 48 hours.

The design of this product is very quirky and looks just like a yummy cake pop! Each face mask is also covered in fresh seasonal flower petals which is such a lovely touch. As well as being a fresh product, This face mask is also packaging free! In theory this is a great idea but I had quite a way to travel home after picking up my product and I found my face pop did not look quite as desirable after traveling. It had formed more of a squishy mess and stuck to the grease proof paper it was wrapped in.

The scent of the Caracorolle face pop is so delightful. Containing ylang ylang, coconut, yellow flowers and dates this face mask has a sweet gooey floral scent. Although a little to heavily scented for a face mask for me,as I prefer skincare products to have more gentle scents the scent is very lovely.

Each face pop is designed to be used between 2 and 4 times but seeing as it has to be used within 48 hours I do feel this could be quite a challenge and you may end up wasting quite a lot of the product. To use you have to pinch off a small about and add some warm water to create a paste like concistency. This can then be applied to the face.

I did find it a little difficult to get the required consistency and found the product quite clumpy and difficult to apply. I think it may have been easier to try and mix with water in a old lush pot rather than in the palm of my hand.

After use I did however find that my skin looked very fresh. My skin also felt very conditioned and nourished. I was very impressed at the fact I could notice a notiable difference to my skin after one use.

Overall I love the idea of this product. It is however not very travel friendly (bare this in mind when transporting the product) and I did find it a little messy to use. Although the product worked well I would prefer to see this product in more of a generic fresh mask format in a pot.


PRICE: £6.95


Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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