Deep Sleep Bath Bomb – Lush Review

To say I don’t like lavender, over the last year I have really fallen in love with all of the Lush lavender scented products. There is something about the Lush lavender products that I just love and they don’t tend to smell like your generic lavender products which I always think smell a little old fashioned or like toilet cleaner (harsh but I just don’t like lavender). When I heard that lush we’re releasing a new lavender bath bomb called deep sleep as part of the Lush Harajuku Range I new this was going to be top of my list to try when we could finally get hold of these exclusive products in the uk.

With the opening of the world largest lush store in Liverpool I was delighted to see that they would sell a large amount (if not all) of the exclusive bath bombs from Lush Harajuku including the Deep Sleep Bath Bomb.

One thing I love about this bath bomb is it’s design. Wrapped in a Muslin cloth the bath bomb looks extremely luxurious and special. Containing lavender flowers, lavender oil and lavender absolute the deep sleep bath bomb really is your ultimate lavender product. Scent wise I surprisingly found that this bath bomb was not overpowering at all. The Deep Sleep Bath Bomb also contains chamomile flower and neroli which gives a soothing and sweet twist to the lavender, which makes the whole bath bomb very calming and relaxing.

Once in the water the bath bomb fizzes instantly. As it fizzes the Muslim cloth fills just like a ballon which makes it bob across the surface as the water. As the Deep Sleep Bath Bomb continues to fizz it releases a trail of deep purple colour which fills the bath tub. After the bath bomb is completely dissolved inside the Muslim cloth you are left with a mixture of lavender and chamomile flowers which continue to infuse the bath water creating a wonderfully relaxing scent.

overall I am so glad that I picked this bath bomb as one of the first Lush Liverpool products to try. The Deep Sleep Bath Bomb is the ultimate relaxing Lush product and perfect for anyone who has trouble sleeping or really just wants a very relaxing bath.




Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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