Gritty Politti Naked Cleansing Balm – Lush Review

So as well as being obsessed with Lush I am a huge skincare addict. I love nothing more than a good old pamper in the evening and using skincare products is my favourite way of doing this.

The Lush Labs newest release has been a large range of naked skincare product. Naked skincare products are basically products that have been turned into a solid format so that the use of packaging can be completely removed. The range consisted mainley of cleansers and facial oils and I eventually decided that the first product that I would try was the Gritty Politti naked cleansing balm.

The Naked cleansers are quite small in size, however a little really does go a long way and with the price set at only £4.95 I feel is a very good price for the amount of product you acatually get.

The scent of the Gritty Politti cleansed is my favourite out of the collection. With a beautiful soft coconut aroma. The cleanser also contains rosewood and sandlewood which have a aintbacial property which is perfect for a skincare product.

What makes the Gritty Politti cleanser a little different is that it is an exfoliating cleanser. Containing ground coconut shell the cleanser has a brilliant scrubby element.

To use the naked cleanser you can either melt the product onto your fingers or apply it directly to the skin. I prefer the directly applying to the skin method as I feel this allows more product to get on my skin. Once on the skin massage in and then wash off with a damp face cloth. Once water is added to the product the balm like texture turns into a emollient cleansing oil that helps to clear pore and keep your skin supple.

After use I did find that my skin did still feel a little greasy. If you don’t mind this feeling I found it does absorb into the skin over time and you are left with the most gorgeous soft skin. I Personally am not a fan of this feeling but found with a quick wipe of a toner this sticky feeling went and my skin was still left feeling very soft.

Overall I really enjoyed using this cleanser and I hope that it does come out as a regular product soon .


PRICE: £4.95 (2018 price)

INGREDIENTS: kokum butter, extra virgin coconut oil, ground coconut shell, rosewood oil, sandlewood oil, vetivert oil, Benzoin resinoid, linalool, perfume.

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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