The Snowman Bubbleroon – Lush Review

“Do you wanna build a snowman?”

When I was little I would wake up every morning during winter and run to my bedroom window to see if it had snowed, It never had! But one morning I remember my dad waking me up to tell me it had snowed and all I wanted to do was build a snowman. Me and my dad then spent hours building the most amazing Snowman ever (well I thought it was anyway).

Snowmen are such an iconic image for Christmas and winter that this little Snowman bubbleroon is just perfect for part of the Lush Christmas range.

The Snowman bubbleroon is completely the opposite to what I was expecting it to smell like. When I first saw this little Snowman I thought it was going to have a very creamy scent similar to that of the Butterbear bath bomb.

The Snowman bubbleroon in fact has a beautiful fresh, sweet lemon scent. Containing Sicilian lemon and lemon myrtle oils the scent is very uplifting and will remind you of warm summer days. The lemon scent isn’t sharp and zesty, but more muted and gentle it reminds me a little of lemon ice cream.

As this is a bubbleroon it is a little different to your average bubble bar. Similar to a macaroon there are twi bubble bar sections sandwiched together with a good helping of Shea butter. This means that The Snowman bubbleroon is a lot more moisturising on the skin. I was able to get a good two baths out of my bubbleroon and after use my skin was left feeling silly smooth and I could pick up on a beautiful subtle scent on my skin.

Overall I have really enjoyed using The Snowman bubbleroon. This is defiantly going to be a very popular product this Christmas plus as he’s so cute if you wanted you could pop a couple in you room to make it smell lovely and look super Christmassy.

To watch my video about the 2017 Christmas rangeclick here.

SCENT: 5/5




PRICE: £4.25

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate, cream of tartar, sodium Laureth sulfate, fair trade organic cocoa butter, lauryl betaine, cornflour, Sicilian lemon oil, lemon myrtle oil, fair trade Shea butter, soya milk powder, titanium dioxide, Laureth 4, citral, limonene, perfume, colour 15510, dried juniperberries.

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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