Lush Taunton 

On my travels I seem to pass through Taunton pretty much every week, but I have never had the time to stop and have a look around. So the other week I made sure I had a little bit of extra time and stopped in this picturesque town. I would like to say that I had the time to look around the town but I didn’t I had just enough time for a flying visit to lush Taunton.

Lush Taunton is a lovely shop and from the moment I walked in the store it was obvious how friendly and welcoming the staff were. All of the staff went out of there way to make sure that I could find exstactly what I was after.

After a quick browse around the store I noticed the lovely display of solid perfumes that lush Taunton had, I always tend to skip the perfumes by but today I thought I would have a try. The lovely Lucy came over and gave me loads and loads of helpful advice on the different types and explained how not all of the scents smell the same in everybody and a lots depends on you as a person. It was lovely to meet a staff member who was so helpful and obviously exstremly passionate about all of lushes products.

Whilist in the store I also picked up some information on the party’s that lush provide.

These include:

The beauty school party – £25pp ( includes £10 to spend in store) An hour and a half pamper experience where party guests can relax, unwind and learn all about our beautiful handmade products.

Fun and games party- £20pp ( includes £5 to spend in store) a whole range of exciting lush themed party games and activities , cram packed into an hour and half of fun.
Happy hour party – £15 pp ( includes £5 to spend in store) an hour of exploring all the excitement and fun that lush’s products bring! We offer a selection of games and activities that include Bath potions, fun-modelling and treasure hunts

I’m hopefully looking into booking a party early next year as part of an event for a magic society I am part of.

Lush taunton also had lots of information available on other events that they were running such as bath bomb making. If you are local make sure you keep an eye in store for upcoming events.

After purchasing a few bath bombs ( i can never walk out a store empty handed) it was time for me to head off to work.

On the way back to my van, I found my self turning around and heading back to the store as Lucy’s passion about the perfumes had won me over and I couldn’t leave without picking up my we favourite scent Vanillary .

I would like to thank all of the staff for looking after me and my partner and making out trip so enjoyable and an extra big thank you to Lucy for being so helpful and making us smile.

Fingers crossed il get the chance to pop back in and see you all again soon.

Contact lush Taunton via: 

Tel: 01823 339375


Twitter: @lushtaunton

Instagram: lushtaunton


Or visit


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