Snow Fairy Bath Bomb – Lush Review

Every since I fell in love with Lush, it is no longer Christmas without the wonderful sweet scent and pink sparkle of snow fairy! It is my all time favourite lush scent and I am 99% definitely going to be a huge fan of what ever product happens a to share this gorgeous scent.

I do however also think snow fairy is a little like marmite! You either love it or hate it!! I know so many lushies who adore snow fairy but I also know a huge amount who really aren’t that keen.

The Snow Fairy bath bomb first of all has the prettiest most magical design, That just screams Christmas, magic and fairy’s! It really wouldn’t be out of place in a Disney film. One half of the bath bomb is white with a beautiful icy blue snowflake and the other half is vivd pink with a white sparkly snowflake. What I really love about this bath bomb is it isn’t too fancy. It has a simple design with some gorgeous colours and isn’t trying to be quirky or unique, it’s just a very pretty bath bomb.

For those not familiar with the snow fairy scent it is a very sickly sweet scent very similar to candy floss and bubblegum! It is normally also paired up with tonnes of glitter so be warned if your not a glitter fan this may be one to stear a clear off.

Once in the water the snow fairy bath bomb is quite a slow fizzer. Unfortunately mine was a sinker so didn’t really but on much of a show or create any form of bath art but it still created a bath I absolutely loved. Once fully dissolved it created A blanket of white foam across the entire surface of the bath. Underneath this foamy blanket I was left with a gorges pink water with so much glitter in it that it created a mystical mermaid/unicorn shimmery water (a bit like that magic gin you can buy) that swirled around the water.

I was very surprised at just how moisturising this bath bomb felt, the water felt exstremly soft which I think may have been down to the foamy element of the bath bomb. The scent was also very strong and lingered around for my entire bath.

Overall I am a massive fan of the snow fairy bath bomb and I hope it is a product that ends up returing year after year.


PRICE: £4.95 2019 price


INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium coco sulfate, perfume, Persian lime oil, cream of tartar, titanium Dioxide, water, synthetic musk, synthetic fluorphlogopite, dipropylene glycol, propylene glycol, calcium sodium borosilicate, cocoamidopropyl betaine, tin oxide, alpha isomethyl ionone, limonene, colour 45410:2, colour 45410:1, colour 42053, colour 42090:2

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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