Dear John Coffee Shampoo Bar – Lush Review

Solid shampoo bars are a product that I am not normally drawn to straight away, I have tried a few In the past but have always found that they are super drying on my hair and make my hair very knotty. I actually brought the Dear John solid shampoo for my partner to use, but thought I would give it a try to see what I thought. I am however very pleased I did try it as I LOVE this shampoo bar!

At first I really was not a fan of the scent of this shampoo bar. I do not like anything coffee scented, I just hate the scent of it. The Dear John shampoo bar is in fact a caffeine shampoo and has a whole host of coffee related ingriednts including a whole coffee bean on the top. At first this is all I could smell and it really did put me off. But once I actually used this bar with some water I was pleasantly surprised to find that I couldn’t really smell the code at all and the scent was in-fact a lot more of a smoky and rugged scent that was much more pleasant to me.

The Dear John shampoo bar is designed to boost circulation to your roots, promote healthy hair growth, add shine and be soothing. That is a very impressive list and I was defiantly hesistant that it would do all of the above. After just one use I found my hair was so soft, sleek and shiny: I literally fell in love with the shampoo. I am also looking forward to seeing how my hair condition is after cotinued use and if this bar helps with my hair growth at all.

What is also brilliant about the Lush shampoo bar is that there is no packaging at all, each bar last for a lot longer than your average bottle of shampoo and they are perfect for travelling!!!!

Overall this is my favourite shampoo that I have every tried from lush! I just love it and it has restored my faith in the shampoo bar! I am really looking forward to trying some more out in the future.


PRICE: £7.50 (2019 price)

INGREDIENTS : sodium coco sulfate, fair trade organic clove infusion, perfume, ground coffee, cocoa powder, whole coffee bean, cedar wood oil, vetivert oil, coriander seed oil, clove bud oil, molasses, aloe Vera extract, caffeine powder, citral, coumarin, eugenol, limonene, linalool,

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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