Bunny Bomb Bomb – Lush Review

I’m not sure wether I think the Bunny Bomb Bomb is really cute or if I think it’s a little creepy? But which ever you think this bath bomb is you are going to be really impressed with this one.

The Bunny Bomb Bomb is designed so that it splits into two halves. This means it can be used over two baths or if you wanted it could be for one super luxurious bath. When I received my Easter haul what really shocked me about this bath bomb was it’s weight!! This bath bomb is so heavy in particular the bottom part of the bath bomb.

The scent of the Bunny Bomb Bomb is wonderful. Containing bergamot, hi wood and Brazilian orange I was a little surprised to find its scent is very similar to the much loved honey I washed the kids scent family. This scent is a lovely uplifting and warming gooey caramel scent but I found this bath bomb has a slightly more woody feel to it.

Once in the water the Bunny Bomb Bomb is an extremely quick fizzer. It fizzed so quick it was near impossible to get a got picture of it in the water. Due to weight of this bath bomb aswell I found it instantly sunk to the bottom of my bath. As it fizzed away it creates clouds of marshmallow pink water which engulfed the entire bath. The scent really lingered in the water and it felt really warming and comforting. One little added extra I loved about this bath bomb was the inclusion of popping candy, this adds an wonderful noisy element to the bath bomb which just adds to making this bath bomb extra fun.

Overall I loved the Bunny Bomb Bomb

. I have so far this Easter not found a single product that I don’t like!!! The scent it wonderful and I love that you have the option to use this bath bomb over to baths if you wanted.


PRICE: £9.95 (2019 price)

EASTER HAUL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Rgx7nnUITNk

INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, popping candy, titanium dioxide, bergamot oil, ho wood oil, Brazilian orange oil, water, dipropylene glycol, propylene glycol, citronellol, limonene, perfume, colour 45410, colour 14700, colour, 17200, candy eye,

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.



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