Coco Sugar Scrub – Lush Review

I love it when I find a product that shares one of my favourite scents!! It’s even better when it is a product that I was not expecting to have that scent.

The coco sugar scrub is one of the two new body scrubs that have been released as part of the 2019 Easter Range. When I first picked up this body scrub I thought both shared the same scent but just had a slightly different design. I have since found out this is not the case and both scrubs have completely different scents.

The Coco sugar scrub shares its scent with the Fruze family. This scent is quite a unique scent and I personally always feel like it smells like playdough (although I haven’t found anyone else apart from me who thinks this yet). The fruze scent is one of my all time favourite lush scents. It is a very strong fresh sweet coconut aroma and a scent that always seems to linger on the skin for quite some time after use.

The coco sugar scrub is quite small in size, although a lot of the solid sugar scrubs do tend to be quite small. I have found that this body scrub is a lot softer and more crumbly that others that I have tried. This did cause a few issues when I first used it as I ended up dropping a huge chunk straight into my bath water. I have found the best technique with these solid scrubs is to break a small amount off and store the rest in a old lush pot to stop it from getting wet.

Once in use this scrub was a nice consistency and had just the right amount of scrub. I only managed to get three uses out of this scrub so It didn’t last for quite as long as I would have liked it to. After use my skin felt very nourished and moisturised and the scent lingered on my skin of ages after use.

Overall I love the scent and design of the coco sugar scrub. I just felt it was a little crumbly for my liking and didn’t last very long at all.


PRICE: £4.95 (2019 price)


INGREDIENTS: granulated sugar, sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar, potato starch, sodium coco sulfate, perfume, vanilla absolute, vetivert oil, benzoin resinoid, coconut flour, titanium dioxide, organic virgin coconut oil, cocamidopropyl betaine, coumarin, colour 45380:2

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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