Hulder Bath Bomb – Lush Review

Last year (2018) saw the opening of the first ever bath bomb only lush store in Harajuku japan! The concept of this store is literally what dreams are made of as it contains around 100 exclusive bath bombs which is extremely impressive. This does mean however that for the majority of us getting hold of these exclusive bath bombs is pretty much impossible. The Lush Labs did answer a few of our prayers and released a small amount of the exclusive bath bombs with the Hulder Bath Bomb being one such product.

The first thing that I love about the Hulder Bath Bomb is its back story. A Hulder is a Scandinavian folklore seductive forest creature and once in the water it’s pretty clear why this bath bomb is named after these mysterious creatures.

The design of the Hulder Bath Bomb is really quite different to your typical lush bath bomb. The top looks like an array of beautiful crystals as if a rock has been cracked open to reveal its hidden gems. The colours of greens, blues and purples really makes the bath bomb stand out and look quite magical.

The scent of the Hulder Bath Bomb is also perfect for a product named after a woodland creature. Containing davana, cypress oil and tangerine oils the scent is a wonderful woody and earthy creation. I was really impressive with how strong the scent was as recently I have found many lush product to be quite weak scented.

Once in the water the Hulder Bath Bomb was a very slow fizzer. As it bobbed around the bath tub it put on the most wonderful show. Being quite a slow fizzer the bath bomb created waves of green foam. As time went on these turned to a stunning deep teal colour which turned the water into what can only be described as a magical forest lagoon. I haven’t seen a bath bomb create such a vivid shade of water in a very long time and I really enjoyed using a bath bomb that created such wonderful bath art.

Not only did the water look stunning it also felt so luxurious!! The water felt so soft and silky and after my bath my skin felt so incredibly moisturised. The scent hung around for the entirety of my bath really adding to just how wonderful this bath bomb is.

Overall I am so impressed with the Hulder Bath Bomb. I really feel like lush have stepped their game up for this release and I can’t wait to try out some more of the lush Japan exclusives.


PRICE: £5.95 (2018 price)

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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