Adam’s Apple Mouthwash Tabs – Lush Review

Mouthwash tabs are quite and unusual product and one that I am not the greatest fan of. However my partner really enjoys using them, so I’ve enlisted him to help me with my review of this product as my opinion will automatically be I don’t like the product before I’ve given it a try.

The concept of the mouthwash tabs is very clever. To use you pop one little tab in your mouth, add a little water and crunch the tab up a little. As the water is added the tab begins to fizz like a mini bath bomb and then you can swish the water as if it was a regular mouth wash. The solid concept of the mouthwash tabs makes them great for traveling. Me and my partner spend 98% of of time travelling so the product is very handy to keep in our van or travel bag and we don’t have to worry about anything leaking. It’s also great from plane travel as we can take them in our hand luggage and if in our hold bag once again we don’t have to worry about anything leaking. The product also takes up a lot less room than a normal bottle of mouthwash which is very handy for saving room.

The Adam’s Apple Mouthwash tabs have a really nice fresh scent (which is always what you want from a mouthwash product). As the name suggests the product has a apple scent, it is however a fake apple scent similar to apple sweets. Although is doesn’t actually include any apple in the ingredients. It does also included spearmint which gives the mouthwash a minty twist.

The taste of the mouthwash is a little different to what I was expecting. From the scent I was expecting that the mouthwash would taste a little like apple juice! If this was what it had tasted like I think I might have even given them a go myself!

My partner described the taste of these mouthwash tabs as eaten an apple after you have brushed you teeth. It turns out that the exclusion of the fruity element with the mint leaves quite a peculiar taste in the mouth and not one that is very pleasant at all.

I feel that if Lush stuck to different types of mint tastes for the mouthwash tabs they would be a lot more popular. But most people do find it quite strange to use anything other than a mint product for a mouthwash.

Overall the Adam’s Apple mouthwash tabs are one of my partners least favourite out of all the mouthwashes that have been released so far, and I think it’s safe to say I will not be giving theses ones a try myself.


PRICE: £6.50 (2019 price)

INGREDIENTS: dicalcium phosphate anhydrous, sodium bicarbonate, silica, citric acid, glycerine, sorbitol, malic acid, stevia, xylitol, spearmint oil, Sicilian lemon oil, lime oil, menthol crystals, fair trade organic aloe Vera powder, titanium dioxide, synthetic fluorphlogopite, tin oxide, limonene, flavour, colour 77491, colour 19140:1, colour 42090:2

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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