Komorebi Soap – Lush Review

I was actually a little unsure what I thought of the new concept of the Lush Lab when it was first released. The Lush Lab is the new concept instead of the Lush Kitchen. However when I read into it a little more I actually really liked the idea of it.

Basically each month Lush will release a few brand new products in order to find out what people think of the new inventions with the intention of looking into releasing any in the future that get a good reaction.

For their first release (April) Lush released some new soaps, I’m not usually a huge soap fan so wasn’t super excited about trying them, but I have so far been pleasantly surprised trying them out.

The first soap that I tried was the Komorebi soap. This was the cheapest of the soaps released at £1.50. When it arrived I was a little shocked at just how small it was!!! The soap is shaped like a small green leaf and It was very thin and incredible small. Great as a gimmicky product but not practical or cost efficient if you wanted to use it all of the time. I only managed to get one use out of this soap as I found it dissolved very quickly. I possibly could have made the soap last for two uses if I had been very careful but that would have been a push.

The scent of this soap Is amazing!!! I really wish the soap had been bigger so that I could have used the scent for longer. The Komorebi scent is very fresh and earthy and reminds me off walking through trees in spring time!! It’s beautiful!!

Overall I didn’t enjoy how small this soap was but really loved the scent and I hope that lush either make this soap into a larger version or create some other products with this wonderful scent.


PRICE: £1.50 each (2018 price)

INGREDIENTS: maple water, propylene glycol, fair trade organic cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil, water, organic castor oil, sodium hydroxide, perfume, hi wood oil, labdanum resinoid, lavender oil, citric oil, glycerine, titanium dioxide, sodium bicarbonate, alpha isomethyl ionone, counarin, eugenol, oakmoss extract, linalool, colour 19140, colour 42090, colour 45350

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.



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