Melt My Heart Massage Bar – Lush Review

When it comes to massage bars from Lush I find them quite strange products. They are always a product that I really want to try but then they end up stuck at the back of a cupboard after a couple of uses. This is mainly due to the fact that I never use them as a massage bar and only apply them as a form of body lotion, but this always end up being quite a messy procedure in my eyes and then not a product I reach for frequently.

I was however willing to give the Melt my Heart massage bar a try as I always love trying out new products that haven’t been seen before. The Melt My Heart Massage Bar is quite a large size but still fits nicely into the hand. It has a very natural colour with speckles of dried Rose petal showing through the butters and the word Love written into the top of the bar.

As soon as I received this product I really noticed it’s scent. I found the aroma of the bar to be quite strong and heady in comparison to other massage bars.

From talking to shop staff I have found out that this scent is the same as the Jungle Scent which has been around in Lush for quite some time. I have never tried anything jungle scented before but as I can’t stand the smell of the Melt My Heart Massage Bar I guess that’s the reason I have never tried any other products in the scent Family, as it wouldn’t be a scent I would gravitate towards. Although I don’t like the scent, there is something very comforting about it that I really enjoy.

The scent of this massage bar is very herby and earthy. It has quite a sophisticated and romantic element to it , that makes it lovely for the inclusion in a Valentine’s Day range. As it contains rose petals I was expecting it to smell quite floral but it defiantly does not fall into the floral category at all.

The massage bar works by melting with the heat from your skin. It can be used to give a massage with or you can you it as a luxurious body butter. I found that the Melt My Heart Massage Bar is a little drier than other bars I have tried. It still melt when in contact with the skin but is not anywhere near as oily and messy as other bars sometimes are.

Containing a whole host of oils and butters this massage bar is very moisturising. I like to use massage bars in the winter when my skin is a little dry and in need of some TLC.

Overall I didn’t enjoy using the Melt My Heart Massage Bar at all. But this was due to the fact I just don’t like the scent!! The bar is self is actually very lovely, I love the texture and the consistency and also enjoy the fact the rose petals inside were not scratchy or too exfoliating.

To watch my video about the 2018 Lush Valentine’s Day Range Click Here.


PRICE: £5.95 each (2018 price)

INGREDIENTS: Fair trade organic cocoa butter, fair trade Shea butter, safflower oil, perfume, dried rose petals, orris root powder, cypress oil, orange flower absolute, Styrax Resinoid, olibanum resinoid, violet leaf absolute, benzyl cinnamate, cinnamal, cinnamyl alcohol, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, limonene, linalool

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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