Lush Puppy Lip Scrub – Lush Review 

If you follow my blog quite regularly you will know that I am completely obsessed with the Lush Lip Scrubs at the moment! I’m not sure what it is about them I love so much, maybe it’s the fact they taste amazing or it could be their super cute little pots. With this slight obsession in mind I could not contain my exciting when at the Lush Summit I saw an exclusive Lip Scrub called Lush Puppy!! 
Firstly I absolutely love the name of the product, as a child (well still now in fact) I have loved Slush puppy drinks. Slush puppy’s are a crushed ice drink that come in a variety of bright Colours. My favourite has always been the bright blue Blue Raspberry flavoured one and this is the flavour that has inspired this lip scrub! 

Just like the drink this lip scrub features a vivid bright blue colour. The scent of the Lush Puppy lip scrub a is very very sweet orange scent. It’s very fruity and slightly tropically smelling. It doesn’t particularly smell like the Slush Puppy drink my oh my once you taste it all your senses combine to create an almost replica taste. 

If you haven’t tried a lush lip scrub before I am sure you are thinking ‘taste!!! On my gosh you can’t eat a lush product’. But one of the most awesome this about the Lush Lip scrubs is that they are completely edible. 

To use the scrub all you have to do is take a small amount on your finger and scrub it all over your lips! You can then either lick the scrub off or wipe it away. The scrub will buff away dead skin leaving your lips feeling fresh and revitalised and a good helping off butters and oils in the scrub will help to leave your lips feeling very moisturised.  

Overall I am so so impressed with the Lush Puppy Lip Scrub! It is one of my favourite scrubs I have ever tried from Lush and I really hope it gets released very soon. 


PRICE: tbc


Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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