FUN and Games at a Lush Christmas Party 

I absolutely love Christmas, it’s the most magical time of the year. I was therefore super excited to get my first Christmas party invitation of the year and even more excited that it was in October!!! Lush release the most wonderful Christmas products and every year I can’t wait to try out these amazing items! I was therefore even more excited that the invitation to my first Christmas party of the year wasn’t any old party, it was a Lush Party at Lush Plymouth and that they would be showcasing all their winter collection. 

As I arrived at Lush Plymouth I was greeted by the every so lovely Tori and had time for a mix and mingle with all the other bloggers who attended the event! While we where getting to know every one we kicked the party of in Christmas style with cake! Know these were not any old cakes, they were the most adorable, most wonderful Lush inspired cakes I have ever seen! The amazing V is for Veggie had made little Peeping Santa cakes, luxury lush pud Cup cakes and banana Oreo Brownies. 

Not only did the cakes look fantastic they where also vegan! I really think Lush should get them to write a vegan cook book so we could all make our own lush inspired cakes. I also got my own cup for the night (little things really excite me). Once again this wasn’t any old cup this was my own little black pot cup which was personalised with my blogger name! I had so far only been in store a few minutes and the amount of time effort and attention to detail that had been put into the Plymouth Christmas Party was brilliant.

We then got the party rolling and got a hands on look at the very large winter collection for this year! There really is a fantastic range of products that have been released for 2016. Don’t worry it does include many of the old favourites that have returning this year from last years range. I’m not going to tell you too much about the winter products right now as I will be releasing reviews on all of the products over the coming weeks. So keep you eyes peeled for them to find out lots more about the incredible range of products. 

As always Lush have also released an amazing range of gift sets to complement their products this year. I was really impressed to find that the boxes of several of the gifts actually double up as games! So once you have opened you gift you can use the box for hours of fun and entertainment.

No Christmas party is complete with out games and at the Lush Plymouth party we had the chance to try out some of the gift box games and some other Lush inspired games! I thought I would tell you how to play these fab games, so you can recreate them and have loads of fun with your own friends and family over this festive season.


Reindeer games is a fantastic gift set that is out this year. The box of this gift set doubles up to create you own snake and ladders board (you can make counters out of FUN) and you can also play reindeer hoopla! We all had a go at playing the latter and it was great fun. All you have to do if put the antler headband (part of the box) on one victims (I mean volunteers) head. In turn throw the hoops at you antler wearing volunteer and try and get as many as you can onto the antlers (it’s harder than it sounds). It’s hours of fun in a box and I know I’ll be getting this one out on Christmas Day. 


FUN! That squishy play dough like multipurpose bar which come in a variety of yummy scents. Well it turns out it really is fun and great for games. At Christmas Lush always released lots of brilliantly named and gorgeous smelling bars, my favourite this year is the Reindeer and Robin FUN (it’s cola scented) and we used this bar for our FUN creations game.

All you have to do is split off into two teams and each team has a pile of FUN. We decided that one team was team robin and one was team reindeer, we then had 30 seconds to work as a team to create a model version of our name using our FUN! This was great fun and quite messy but we all smelt incredible after. You could make what ever little models you liked it doesn’t have to be just a robin or reindeer the possibilities are endless and many of the gift sets this year contain FUN Bars.


Everyone loves a bit of sparkle! I defiantly do, I love nothing more than looking like a disco ball. For this fun and I warn you very sparkly game, all you have to do is split into two teams and stand in a line. Each team has a bottle of Fairy Dust dusting powder and the quickest team wins!

The first in the line takes the bottle and sprinkles it onto the arm of the person next to them and give them a quick arm massage, they pass the bottle on and the next persons does the same! Keep going till you are at the end of the line, the end person then runs to the front and you repeat on the opposite arm! The winning team is the ones who finishes first and are also probably the most sparkly.

After all the fun and games of the Christmas party and getting up close and personal with all the exciting products we had some time to explore the shop ourself and pick some items for our very own goodie bag ( there were way to many awesome products to choose from) and of course eat some more yummy cake (never ever say no to more cake!). 

I had the most wonderful time at the Lush Plymouth Christmas Party and would like to say a massive thank you to Ben and his team for inviting me. I hope you have enjoyed reading about what I got up to. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for all my product reviews coming soon (I’ve just got to try and decide what to use first) and if you get the chance pop into your local store and check out the amazing Winter range of products for yourself!! 

If you would like to vist Lush Plymouth their contact details are:

Instagram – Lush Plymouth
Twitter – @lushplymouth
Facebook – Lush Plymouth

Tel- 01752 252 541
Address- 47 Drake Circus, 1 Charles street, Plymouth , PL1 1EA

If you would like to find out more about the 2016 winter range visit 



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