Lush Spa Sneak Peek 

Did you know that Lush has a spa? Not only do they have one spa, they have eight dotted throughout the UK.

These spas are however not like you are in an average health spa. The Lush spa’s are the most magical place that I have ever stepped foot in and while at the recent Lush Liverpool VIP night I had the chance to have a sneak peek at there very own spa.
As I entered the spa I was transported to the most beautiful country cottage kitchen. As soon as I stepped through the door I was instantly relaxed. The room was scented with fresh flowers and as I took a seat at the rustic kitchen table my worries vanished as I took in all the small details of the room.

Once seated the lovely therapist explained the various treatments that Lush currently have to offer. These include: Tales of Bath, Validation Facial, The Good Hour, The Spell, The Planets, Synaesthesia, Tailor Made, Sound Bath, Hards Days Night and The Comforter. 
We then had the chance to explore the four treatment rooms that the spa have to offer. The first room that I was shown was set up for the Comforter Treatment. If you have a sweet tooth, this is defiantly the treatment for you as it includes a hot chocolate body scrub. The room was stunning and ever so relaxing. It was also great to see that the Liverpool spa has the facility to set the room up for a double treatment. This means you could share this amazing experience with a loved one of even your best friend.

The next room I looked at was very impressive. As you entered the room there is a small adjoining room. Still in keeping with the rustic country cottage theme, this room contained an extra special treat. The room contained the most beautiful bath I have ever seen! This tranquil room really is a thing of dreams. The stunning bath is used as part of the Tales of Bath Treatment (I’m defiantly saving up to try this treatment).

The next room on my tour was set up for the Planets Treatment. This treatment is a three hour long journey where you will drift among the stars and planets to find clarity and a new perspective before awakening full of magic.

The final room on my Lush Liverpool Spa tour was by far my favourite. In this room was a live demonstration of the Validation Facial. This facial looked amazing and as I listened to the therapist explain about the treatment I found myself wishing I could swap places and be the one having this amazing treatment. One of the aspects of this facial that I really loved is that in your consultation at the beginning of the treatment instead of being asked what you don’t like about your skin and focusing on the negatives, you are asked what you would like to gain from the treatment and focus on the positives. This 60 minute treatment contains a facial completely tailored to your needs and a relaxing light shoulder and neck massage. This treatment is defiantly going on my Christmas list! I’m hoping Santa will pop a voucher into my stocking this year.

As my tour came to an end I found myself sat back around the kitchen table where I was given the chance to try the Full of Grace Serum Bar which is used as part of the Validation Facial. I’m not going to tell you any more about this miracle product right now as I will be doing a review on this serum very soon.

At the end of this tour I really didn’t want to leave, I could have spent hours just sat in the very comfy and cosy country kitchen. If you would like to find out anymore information about any of the treatments Click Here. I’m keeps my my fingers crossed I get the chance to visit Lush Liverpool Spa for a treatment soon! When I do I will be posting all about my experiences here.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Lush Liverpool for the amazing VIP event for for giving me the chance to have a tour of their spa. I had the most wonderful time and can’t wait to visit again soon.
For Lush Liverpool Contact details click here. 

Facebook: Lush Spa Liverpool

Twitter: @lushliverpool

Instagram: Lush Spa Liverpool


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