Whoosh temple balm 

so tonight I am on the road, so thought I would do tonight’s blog on a little item that I take everywhere with me, as it is such a handy little item that fits in my handbag.

I was extremely excited when I found this little item as I absolutely love the Whoosh shower jelly, which was the first ever product that I brought from lush many many years ago.  So having a handy little item that captures the scent of the Whoosh shower jelly made me so happy and I was so excited to try it out.

Although I have used temple balms by other company’s I have never tried a lush one before. The general way that you use the temple balm is the same though and very easy to use. A temple balm is designed to be massaged on to your pressure points such as neck, temple and wrists. Although this is a balm please note that it is not to be used on lips.
The texture of the temple balm is similar to that of a lip balm and once applied it melt into your skin, releasing its amazing scent. Lush have realised several different temple balms, but the whoosh temple balm is designed to wake up a tired body and stimulate and revive in order to get the body going.

The scent of this little wonder is quite strong and may be overpowering to some people, is so I would recommed being sparing with the product as to not overpower yourself with the scent which is quite citric.

Top tip: make sure you temple balm is not kept in direct heat as it may melt due to the ingredients it is made out of.

Overall I love love love this product, it is so handy and the citrus scent does a brilliant job of wake you up and reviving your body. I also find this little product does a great job of cheering me up if I need a little boost.

Price: £5.95

Ingredients: organic jojoba oil (simmondsiachinensis), caster oil ( ricinus communist), candelilla wax ( euphorbia cerrifera), perfume, grapefruit oil ( citrus grandis), Rosemary oil (rosmarinus officinalis), geranium oil (pelargonium graveolens)


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