Argan Naked Facial Oil – Lush Review

Facial oils were never really a product that I would reach for. The word oil in skincare use to make me think my face would be left feeling greasy and horrible. Since using the lush naked facial oils my option on them has totally changed and they are now a product that I use all the time.

The Argan facial oil is the strongest smelling oil out of the range. The scent is a very floral Turkish rose scent. Personally the scent of this product is a little to strong for me to use as a skincare product. When popping things on my face I do prefer them to have quite a natural scent.

The Argan facial oil is the most luxurious of all of the facial oils that have so far been released. Containing cocoa butter and Shea butter it has a lovely rich creamy texture that is very moisturising on the skin.

What I love about this facial oil is that it contains a high amount of vitamin E which helps to even the skin tone as well as soothing and being deeply moisturising. I have found the benefits of this facial oil very helpful over the cold winter months as my skin has been feeling very dry and in need of some tlc.

After use I found my skin felt very soft and nourished. This facial oil is very rich and took a lot longer to absorb into my skin than others, so I would definitely use it at night time. Overall the Argan Facial oil is a lovely luxurious facial oil that is perfect for helping skin that in need of a lot of moisturising.


PRICE: £9.25 (2019 price)

INGREDIENTS: fair trade Colombian cocoa butter, fair trade Shea butter, Argan oil, date syrup, dried dates, organic rose hip oil, rose absolute , rose oil, geranium oil, lemon oil, aloe Vera extract, prickly pear oil, citral, citronellal, coumarin, geraniol, limonene, linalool, perfume

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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