Mortal Kombu Under Eye Mask – Lush Review

Now I love a strange product but the Mortal Kombu under eye mask has got to be the strangest product I have ever tried! Made from seaweed these under eye masks are defiantly a very intriguing product and not one that you tend to find when shopping on a regular basis. However I am a huge fan of the regular lush face masks so was very excited to try out this initiative product and see what it was like.

What I love about this eye mask is how few ingriedients it has but how many benefits they is for your skin. The mineral rich seaweed has be chosen for its incredible antioxidant properties, this is included to soothe your eyes and reduce the apperancces of bags making your skin look plumper and more radiant. Geeen tea infusion is used for its detoxifying properties and abilities to slow down signs of ageing. The mask also includes Whitch hazel with helps once again to sooth your eyes.

These small masks claim to do an awful lot so I was very interested to see if I did notice any difference to my dark circles and tired looking eyes after using the under eye mask.

When you first receive your Mortal Kombu eye masks they come joined together in a small circle shape and are a hard consistency. To use the eye mask you place in it some warm water for around 5 minute until the eye masks have softened and then you are able to split them down the centre so you have one for each eye.

I found that my eye mask did require a little longer than 5 minutes to make them soft enough to use. Also make sure your water is not too hot as this can make the eye mask fall apart.

Applying the Mortal Kombu eye masks was rather more difficult than I was expecting. Once I had got them separated I really struggled to get them to stay on my face. The eye masks go very slimy and it was hard to stop them sliding down my face. In the end I patted them dry and laid down so that gravity kept them on my. I left the eye mask on for around 15minutes and after I managed to get them to stay on they were very comfy to keep on.

Once I removed the eye mask I was super impressed to see some very instant results to my skin. Normally when using any form of skincare product you have to use it a few times before you see any kind of results. However I noticed how nourished my skin felt and there was a definite difference the the plumpness of my skin. I really looking forward to trying these out a few more times.


PRICE: £1.50 each (2019 price)

INGREDIENTS: Kombu Seaweed, Green Tea Infusion, Green Tea Extract, Witch Hazel Extract.

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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