Light Touch Naked Facial Oil – Lush Review

Facial oils are a product that once upon a time scared me so much as I thought they would make my skin so oily and greasy, this however is not the case at all and facial oils have started to make an appearance more and more in my skincare routine.

The Lush Labs have just released a whole host of wonderful naked facial oils and I am having such a great time trying them all out and discovering the benefits of them all.

The Light Touch Facial oil is a beautiful blue colour and as with all of lushes skincare products contains a whole host of incredible ingredients all included for a specific reason. The Light Touch Facial oil is a great product for helping to clear and balance the complexion as well as helping to protect the skin from environmental damage.

The scent of the facial oil is quite strong, and lingered around of the skin for a long time after use. The scent is a lovely fresh floral and slightly fruity scent and has been created by using essential oils that have been designed to be very calming.

I found that when using this facial oil it was a little harder to melt on the skin than some of the other facial oils that I have tried. I found it was best to warm the bar in your hands first and then gently glide it across the skin.

Although this facial oil is very light, it does take a long time for it to absorb into the skin. With this in mind I use the facial oil at nighttime so that it can work it’s magic as I sleep. I also find the scent is lovely and relaxing just before bed time.

I have really noticed this facial oil working on my skin, I have very congested skin and over the first few days of use I noticed a lot of blemished. This however cleared up after a couple of days of use as it was down to the facial oil helping to clear out all the congestion in my skin. After a couple of days my skin was looking so much more refreshed and felt ever so soft.

I’m really hoping that lush will release all the new naked facial oils into stores soon as these products really are wonderful and I would love to be able to keep them in my daily skincare routine.


PRICE: £9.95 (2018 price)

INGREDIENTS: illipe butter, kaolin, kokum butter, Irish moss infusion, meadowfoam oil, organic jojoba oil, organic cold pressed grapeseed oil, safflower oil, fair trade Shea butter, silica, witch hazel extract, chamomile blue oil, lavender absolute, olibanum oil, geranium oil, myrrh resinoid, blue spirulina extract, citral, citronellol, coumarin, geraniol, limonene, linalool


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