Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser – Lush Review

When it comes to skincare I often worry about what chemicals and nasty products I’m putting on my skin! With that in mind what I love most about the Lush skincare range is you know exactly what your putting on your skin. 

The Let The Good Times Roll cleanser has a grand total of 10 ingredients and I know what each and everyone is. The majority of the Lush cleansers are actually counted as fresh cleansers. This means that all the ingredients are as fresh as possible and in order to keep them fresh and working their best the products has a short shelf life of usually around 1 month. 

When I first brought a fresh cleanser I was a little worried that I wouldn’t finish the product before it’s shelf life ended and would in fact end up wasting a lot of the product. But I found if you use the cleanser morning and evening this will not happen at all. 

The Let The Good Times Roll cleanser is one of my favourite cleansers from Lush. This is mainly due to its scent which I absolutely adore. The scent of this cleanser is a lovely buttery popcorn fragrance and it is one of those products that smells so good you want to eat it.  

This cleanser is very gentle on the skin and leaves your skin feeling very soft. I love that the cleanser has a very gentle exfoliating texture to it, which gives you a gentle scrub as you cleanse your face. This exfoliation comes from the inclusion of maize flour and polenta. The cleanser also contains cinnamon powder to stimulate your skin. With the Lush cleansers it’s always great to look at the ingredients and find out what benefits they have for your skin. This also makes finding a cleanser that’s best suited for your skins needs very easy. 

To use the Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser all you have to do is take a small amount and add a little bit of water. This will then turn the cleanser into a paste which you can massage into your skin and then wash off with clean warm water. 

Overall I really love this Lush cleanser. It is a gentle get scrubby cleanser and leaves the skin feeling soft and soothed, plus it even gives a little glow to the skin. The scent of this product is also amazing and has me going back for pot after pot. 

RATING: 5/5 

PRICE: £7.25 for 100g, £18.10 for 250g 

INGREDIENTS: Maize flour, glycerine, talc, water, corn oil, polenta, fair trade organic cinnamon powder, perfume, gardenia extract, popcorn 

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.



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